Monday, November 28, 2011

2011 Annual Prize Meeting Results

My apologies for such a belated posting of the results from our 2011 Annual Prize Meeting, which we fired 16-17 July 2011 on Batouche Range at CFB Gagetown, NB.

Here is the spreadsheet of results for the 2011 APM  (and here it is as an .xls spreadsheet file)

And here is a spreadsheet of list of match winners

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mini Palma 2011 + 900m Fun Match (17- 18 Sep 2011)

The 34th annual Mini Palma match between the New England States and the Maritime Provinces was fired 17 September 2011.  This match alternates between a USA and Canadian location and this year it was fired on Batouche Range, CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick.

The match format has traditionally been teams of ten TR shooters; this year each team consisted of three F-TR shooters plus 7 TR shooters.
34th Mini Palma Match Results


Following the Mini Palma Match we held a 900m "fun match" on Sunday-18-September which was fired by most of the New England and Maritimes team members.  The course of fire was 2 sighters and 15 on score at 900m, and several shooters also elected to fire a third "bonus" range.

We had 20 competitors, please see 900m Fun Match Results for scores.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 Annual Prize Meeting this weekend

This weekend we will fire the 2011 NB Annual Prize meeting, see program for details.

**NOTE** The match is 16-17 July 2011; incorrect dates had been published in an earlier version of the program

UPDATE Friday evening: we've got a good weather forecast for the next couple of days (hot, though).  See everybody at the range! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stapleford Coleman Match Sun 26 June

In spite of some very rainy weather today (Saturday), there is a decent chance that we will be able to get some shooting done on Sunday so we will go ahead and try to run the match.  You might want to check this blog before you leave just in case the weather forecast significantly deteriorates overnight; if we are going to cancel the match I will edit this post by 6:30am at the latest.

900m Stapleford Coleman Match
UPDATE Sunday afternoon: well it's a good thing we went ahead, we had really nice weather.  Overcast skies, cool, and nearly calm winds (a bit more would have been nice, to whisk away the mosquitoes!).  15 shooters turned out and some really good scores were shot.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

RNBRA Smallbore Match this weekend

This weekend the (iron sights) TR Smallbore Prone and Standing Championship will be fired at Springfield Range.  Match starts 10am Saturday 11 June 2011, rain or shine not a problem since Springfield has a covered firing point.

Here is the complete match announcement, including match fee and contact details

Monday, May 30, 2011

NB team for 2011 InterMaritime Match and British Team Match

On Sat-18-June the Intermaritime Match will be fired at St. Antoine, and the British Team Match will be fired on Sun-19-June.  The I.M. Match has been fired for more than 100 years, and the British Team Match has been fired since the 1960s.

Provincial teams for these matches will consist of eight shooters, up to three of which may be F-Class.  One of these F-Class shooters may be F-Open, the rest must be F/Restricted (i.e. .223 or .308).  (See the 2010 Atlantic Highpower meeting minutes for more info).  Please note that we can also use any of our MTR shooters, since they fully fit within the rules for F/Restricted.

I am looking to form a New Brunswick team for this match.  Usually we designate one of our matches to be the team trials but due to an oversight on my part we did not do that this year.  Although never published, we had discussed designating the 29-May Fredericton Centennial Match to be used for the trials, and we also discussed using the 22-May Intro Level Circle Training instead (since shooting under team conditions might be a more relevant way of selecting shooters for a team match).  If it is OK with our shooters I would like to suggest that we give first priority to anybody who fired either of these two events, and then second priority to any other shooters.

Would interested shooters please contact me ( and let me know if you will be able to be a shooter and/or a coach for one or both of these days?

Match results - Fredericton Centennial

On Sun-29-May-2011 we fired the Fredericton Centennial match at Batouche Range.  I think every one of us was shocked that it didn't rain, and it wasn't cold; certainly not the sort of shooting weather we have come to expect in May!

Conditions were quite windy, an almost entirely fishtailing wind for the whole day.  Even more challenging the wind seemed to be completely mixed up down the entire length of the range.  For the day the average wind was "0", and that would get you in the bull most of the time, except for the times that it didn't.  Then you could see 3's and even 2's from the wind.

Batouche Range CFB Gagetown, 29 May 2011

Name     Class 500 500 600 600 Total
Brian Doherty MTR 47.2 46.2 46.2 49.4 188.10
Wayne Kaye MTR 44.2 47.3 47.3 46.5 184.13
Paul Mcilveen MTR 48.5 45.3 42.1 46.4 181.13
Ron Mason MTR 50.6 48.3 38.3 44.1 180.13
Mike LeRoy MTR 46.1 46.1 40.3 40 172.5
Bert DeVink F/O 49.4 47.2 49.3 50.5 195.14
JC Gautreau F/O 49.3 49.3 49.3 45.2 192.11
Paul Bastarache F/O 49.7 49.6 45.4 48.3 191.2
Daniel Chisholm TR 47.2 46.3 47.7 48.3 188.14
Don Coleman TR 48.5 47.4 50.3 43.1 188.13
Edgar Poirier TR 41.2 49.3 42.2 42.1 174.8
Conrad Leroux TR 43.1 44.2 41.1 44.1 172.5
Nancy Bougeous TR 44.2 45.3 39 32 160.5

Sunday, May 15, 2011

raining today... will try to run match anyhow

The Loyalist St.John Westmorland Counties Match is scheduled for today Sunday 15-May-2011. At this time it is raining where I live and the 5:00AM Environment Canada forecast is calling for "Rain. Amount 10 to 15 mm. Fog patches dissipating this evening. Wind becoming northeast 20 km/h gusting to 40 late this evening. Low plus 3.".
I will go to the range and if anybody shows up and wants to shoot we will go ahead. If you have a 2+hour drive and don't want to risk wasting a drive for no shooting then by all means stay at home and we'll see you next week
- Daniel

P.S. It rained enough that only two people showed up so we had a work-day instead. Hope to see everybody for two day's shooting next weekend!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

All Comers Match this weekend

RNBRA Fullbore Section's first match of 2011 will be fired this Saturday at Batouche Range. Course of fire is 2 sighters and 10 on score at 300m, 500m and 600m.  Match start time is 09:00, please arrive a bit early to help set up the range. The Match Director is Matt Wolf.

Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 Preliminary Schedule

Hello everybody our outdoor shooting season starts up again in about a month.  In the top right corner of the blog you will find a link to the preliminary 2011 schedule.  I look forward to seeing you on the range again in 2011!