Monday, February 22, 2016



A meeting of the Fullbore Executive took place on Saturday, February 20, 2016 with Chairman Bert deVink, Vice-Chairman Gord Holloway, Treasurer Daniel Chisholm, Secretary Don Coleman, Electronic Target Trustee and DCRA Representative Adam MacDonald, and RNBRA Past-president Michael Lutes in attendance.

AGENDA: (* denotes action item completed)
1.     RNBRA 150th Anniversary
After a discussion about the 150th Anniversary of the RNBRA, and based on a suggestion made by Ken Kyle at the AGM, it was decided that the Fullbore Section would strike a special commemorative pin and present this to all shooters at the APM and the "Any Rifle/Any Sights" match. 
It was decided that Adam MacDonald would arrange for a special "Any Rifle/Any Sights" match at Springfield.
*Bert deVink will price this item and forward a proposal to Conrad Leroux and members of the Fullbore Executive.

2.     Conflict in Dates - RNBRA APM and Eastern F-Class Championships
As the Eastern F-Class Championships are to be shot on July 1-3, 2016, it was decided to move our APM to the July 9 and 10, 2016. This will necessitate moving the Military Rifle match to July 2, 2016 and the Precision Rifle rain date to July 3, 2016.
*Bert deVink will change the schedule and advise Paul McIlveen of these changes.
*Bert deVink will also book Batouche Range for Thursday July 7th and Friday July 8th for range preparation.

3.     Course of Fire at the APM
A number of changes to the course of fire at the APM were proposed, and after much discussion it was decided that the following course of fire be adopted:

Saturday - Day 1
John Gibson Memorial - 2+10 at 300m
Prince of Wales - stage 1 - 2+7 at 300m
Prince of Wales - stage 2 - 2+10 at 600m
Alban Emery Match - 2+15 at 600m
Governor General's - stage 1 - 2+15 at 600m

Sunday - Day 2
Prince of Wales - stage 3 - 2+15 at 800m
Governor General's - stage 2 - 2+15 at 900m
Governor General's - stage 3 - 2+15 at 900m
(118 rounds, not including shoot-offs)

4.     PEI - APM
*Mike Lutes will book a large cabin at "The Birches" for the nights of August 5th and 6th, 2016
*This was not available but has been booked for the "Atlantics".

5.     Financial Matters
           i)     Balance: Treasurer Daniel Chisholm, reports that we have about $5600 at this point in time. This also includes the Amortization Fund to replace the electronic target system when it becomes necessary (at the rate of $10 per match/per shooter). This sum also includes an Emergency Fund. No funding has been received yet from the RNBRA.
*Daniel to search out the actual amount for the Amortization Fund in 2015. ($1860)
*          ii)     Electronic Target Markers: It was decided that the purchase of one more electronic target marking system is necessary for the efficient scoring of most of our matches. For a larger shoot such as the APM we have an arrangement with PEI to borrow their 2 target marking systems. Daniel suggested that we should test and eventually obtain a "Repeater Unit" which would elliminate some of the reception problems with the current unit. This would also allow us to operate without the large server unit. The purchase of an additional (refurbished) target marker and the Repeater Unit would be $1860US. It was decided we would go ahead with this purchase. Bert deVink will prepare a proposal to be submitted to Conrad Leroux and the Board of the RNBRA requesting the funding for this equipment and also for improvements to the target frames.
*         iii)     Budget: A budget related to Fullbore Shooters' activities during 2016 is to be submitted to the RNBRA for discussions with the Province of New Brunswick. Mike Lutes will review our previous submissions, adjust for activities during 2016 and circulate this to the Executive before submitting it to the RNBRA.
           iv)     Match Fee: It was moved  by Daniel Chisholm and seconded by Mike Lutes that Match Directors be exempt from paying the $25 match fee for any match that they are the Match Director. Carried.
            v)     Targets: Gord Holloway will make a tally of the target  bed-sheets and target faces that will be needed. Daniel Chisholm will order these from the DCRA. 
*          vi)     High Performance/Out of Province Shooters: The costs of representing the Province of New Brunswick at various matches across the Maritmes and in Ottawa as well as at Bisley is increasing. We believe that shooters who shoot in out-of-province matches should be given financial assistance. Promoting this high performance shooting is a mandate of the RNBRA and so Bert deVink will prepare a proposal for funding assistance for these shooters.
*          vii)     Plaques; Two small plaques will be purchased for the "All-Comer's" Match (TR and FTR); 3 plaques are required for the "Alban Emery" match (TR, FTR, F-Open) and 2 plaques are needed for the RNBRA Smallbore TR and MTR matches (Junior TR and Junior MTR). In addition $50 will be withdrawn from the Burge/Snow Fund, $50 from the Lockett Prize Fund and $75 from the Alban Emery Prize Fund. This to be funded by the interest generated by these funds.

6.     Promotion of Fullbore Shooting in New Brunswick
After much discussion, it became clear that Fullbore Shooters generally begin shooting this discipline a bit later in life - between 30 and 40 years of age when they are a bit more established in their work and family. This is a bit different from years ago when cadets would begin shooting at an early age and move up to target rifle as a natural progression. In our opinion, our efforts to recruit new Fullbore shooters should be directed towards this demographic.
We think that holding Fullbore Matches at different ranges across the province, with a slight emphasis on the Northern half of New Brunswick, will increase this province's shooters' exposure to Fullbore shooting and may result in some new shooters. 
Gord Holloway and Mike Lutes will work on a proposal to hold Fullbore shoots across the province and will cost it. As the RNBRA's mandate is to promote shooting, this proposal will be submitted to the RNBRA Board for funding support.

7.     Victoria Day Matches in Ottawa
*Don Coleman will obtain the correct dates for these matches and the schedule will be amended.

8.     Precision/BP/Military Shoots
There was some discussion about these shoots which are booked at Batouche on Base Gagetown under the auspices of the RNBRA. There was some concern expressed that the shooters who take part in these matches be RNBRA members so that our insurance will cover them - a requirement of shooting on the base. Even if a shooting fee is not collected at these matches, any guest must pay $5 for insurance and the names of these guests must be forwarded to the RNBRA for payment to the NFA. 
*Bert deVink to send a note to Paul, Mike, Brian and Wayne who are the Match Directors for these shoots.

9.     Adjournment
Mike Lutes moved adjournment of the meeting. Unanimous.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Or why we choke under pressure. 
I'm going to ramble about competition and why I think it's important to our  community.  
Shooting has been promoted as a competitive sport over its long history for several reasons which are as relevant  today as they were 150 years ago. Canada has produced many high level shooters that  have historically had significant success in international events. These matches test skill and preparation in