Tuesday, September 24, 2013



From Bob Kierstead:

Greetings Fellow Shooters
Our 2013 outdoor shooting season is nearing a close and the various hunting seasons are soon approaching us with thoughts of moose, ducks, geese, deer and great camaraderie around the campfire.  It’s also that time again for the Annual General Meeting of the Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association.  Please mark on your calendar the day of this year’s meeting, October 20.  The meeting will be held at the banquet room of the All Seasons Restaurant at 1015 Main Street, Sussex. Coffee service will be ready for 9:30 with the meeting beginning at 10:00 am, lunch will be provided at noon. Club representatives please bring a brief report of your club’s activities during this past season to present to the meeting. This is always a good opportunity to meet and talk with shooters from clubs around our province and share information. We are all in the great fraternity of target shooting whether our particular interest is rifle, pistol, shotgun, black powder, or collecting.
Enjoy our Fall shooting weather which is often pleasant in New Brunswick and I’ll see you at the AGM and perhaps on the shooting range.
Good Shooting

The Meeting was called to order by President Bob Kierstead followed by a reading of the minutes of our last Annual Meeting of 2012 by recording secretary Lorraine Chapman. These minutes were adopted as read.
Next followed the reports of the Officers of the Association - President Bob Kierstead, Membership Chairman Don Coleman, and Past-President Steven Stewart. The financial statements of the Association were tabled in the absence of the Treasurer, Bob Jones. Members may contact Lorraine Chapman with specific questions to be forwarded to the Treasurer.
The President also invited Francis Bezeau to relate to the membership his experiences of shooting on the Canadian Team to Bisley - this appeared for him to be a life changing experience. Similarly, Don Coleman spoke of his successful but trying experiences shooting at the Palma Match of 2011 in Australia.
Among all the successes and accomplishments of shooters, coaches and officials of New Brunswick which were presented to the membership,it should be mentioned that both Bob Kierstead and Ed Weatherdon have received the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal for lifetime devotion to shooting sports in Canada - 2 of only 3 medals awarded to Canadians in shooting sports.
The meeting continued with the reports of committees, trustees, representatives and affiliated clubs. Daniel Chisholm reported on the Fullbore Section and highlighted some team and out of province events with the season ending with a "Mini-Palma" against the New England team. Paul Richie reported on the Smallbore section with emphasis on the Modified Target Rifle match in Woodstock and the Target Rifle match at Springfield. The Pistol Section (IPSC) was represented by Jodi Warren who informed us of the successful national event and other matches they hosted. The Youth Air Gun Section was represented by Don Brown who, with his daughter, related a variety of very successful match results. The Trophy Trustee, Murray Watts, told us of the many valuable trophies in his care and made the new catalogue available for $15. The Rifle Trustee, Wayde Clifford, has successfully liquidated the rifle holdings of the Association and is now devoted to recording the history of the Association. Bob Kierstead and Daniel Chisholm informed us of the activities of the DCRA.
Representatives of several clubs presented a report to the meeting. These included the Cap Pele Gun Range; The Sackville Gun Club; the Moncton Fish and Game Assn; the Saint Antoine Gun Club; the Lake George Gun Club; the Saint Gabriel Range; the Lamecque Gun Club; the Upper Miramichi Rifle and Pistol Club; the Petitcodiac Sportsman's Club; and the Woodstock Rifle and Pistol Club.
With respect to elections of officers and board members, Ed Chapman presented a synopsis of the deliberations of the Board and concluded that because of many errors and problems that surfaced after the call for nominations,  the Board is recommending that elections not be held this year but that the current Board and Officers serve for another year. Bob Kierstead and Steven Stewart answered question about this issue and also about the proposed constitutional changes. The new executive/Board will examine the elections procedures and nomination forms and make recommendations for constitutional changes to the membership at our next annual meeting.
A question about our website, under New Business, received the reply that Stephen Fox and Lorraine Chapman are working on renovating the current website to make it active and interactive.
Jason Arsenault of the Sports and Recreation Branch was on hand and answered many questions about funding of athletes and of the RNBRA.
Finally, the Andy Gunther Award for contributions to the RNBRA during the past year was presented to Bert deVink for his work on this blog.

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Monday, September 23, 2013


 The Annual Mini-Palma Match was held at the Springfield Ranges (Fredericton Recreational Shooting Association) outside of Fredericton on September 21 followed by an open "Fun Shoot" the next day. This is the 38th year that teams from the Canadian Maritime Provinces have met with their shooting friends and colleagues from the American New England States for a friendly match.
The venue alternates yearly between an American location and a Canadian one - this year it was in New Brunswick and next year it will be held in the USA.

The Canadian/Maritime ProvincesTeam for 2013: 
Captain, Coach and TR Shooter John Marshall,
Other Coaches and TR Shooters were Ian Hogg and Daniel Chisholm,
Other TR Shooters were Don Coleman, Jeff Jenkins, Marcel Kolb, and Ron Surette,
The Alternate TR Shooter was Conrad Leroux,
The FTR Shooters were Paul Bastarache, Bert deVink and Michael Lutes.

The American/New England States Team for 2013:
Captain, Coach and TR Shooter Ron Sekellick,
Other Coaches and TR SHooters were Jeff Cutlip, Pete Desantis, John Field, Ron Ouimette, Larry Racine, and Bob Riel,
Other Coaches and FTR Shooters were Mo DeFina, Bob Leach and Larry Piazza.

1.     Overall Results
Maritime provinces Team - 2282V103
800 M - 781V46; 900 M - 751V34; 900 M - 750V23
New England Team - 2241V126
800 M - 757V44; 900 M - 746V42; 900 M - 738V40

2.     TR Results
New England Team - 1538V126
Maritime Provinces Team - 1522V103

3.     FTR Results (V=6)
Maritime Provinces Team - 760
New England Team - 703

Beside the shooting, which we all enjoyed, there was lots of time for camaraderie and socializing both at the range and at the banquet later that evening - which, unfortunately, not all could attend.
The weather was beautiful with lots of sun, some cloud and no sign of rain - all-in-all a fine day for a shoot. The wind was very tricky at times and cost many shooters a point or two but even so some very good scores were posted.

A Match like this requires a lot of work on the part of many people in order to make it a good experience. The following people, plus those who worked behind the scenes, all volunteers, deserve a tremendous vote of thanks.
  • Thanks are due to the two Captains Ron Sekellick and John Marshall for their coordinating efforts.
  • Match Director, Daniel Chisholm, did a lion's share of work setting up and maintaining his electronic scoring system, organizing the match, coaching and shooting - and.  .  .  .  . . cooking chili (which was very good!).
  • The range, which is cut out of the woods, needed a lot of preparation and Daniel along with John Holleran, Michael Lutes and Jeff Seely did a marvelous job ensuring that the sight lines were clear and mounds neatly trimmed.
  • Lunch at the range was organized by Conrad Leroux and enjoyed by all.
  • During the shoot several people devoted their time to score for the other team - the New England Team was scored by two fine Acadian Ladies -  Michelle Cormier and her friend France Bourgeois. The Maritime Provinces Team was scored by two excellent gentlemen from Massachusetts - Jeff Cutlip and John Fields.
  • Range Officer duties during the match was shared by Michael Lutes and Bert deVink.
  • Michelle Cormier also did the excellent photography.
Individual scores may be viewed at this link

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

07-09-2013 All COMERS Match at SPRINGFIELD - RESULTS

Seven lucky shooters made it to the All Comers Match at the Springfield Ranges today. This was the last scheduled match of the Fullbore season and it was a beautiful day with frequent sun peeking through the cloud cover. Although it was a bit cool in the morning it quickly warmed up and became a warm, clear day perfect for enjoying shooting. Temperatures were around 15 C and the winds were mostly down range during the 300M match. At 500 M they died down with only a few gusts while at the 600M they were a bit more steady from the right and down range. The Match Director and RSO today was John Holleran. We used the electronic scoring system provided by Daniel Chisholm. Everything ran very smoothly without any glitches.

Daniel Chisholm - 149V21

Bert deVink - 150V28
Mike Lutes - 150V25
Moe Bennett - 150V22
Francis Bezeau - 150V21
John Holleran - 148V25
Gord Holloway - 148V11

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The Atlantic Championships for 2013 were held in PEI at the Alexandra Range during the Labour Day weekend. Six TR, 10 FTR and 2 FO shooters came from all the Maritime Provinces and Quebec. All reports indicate that a good time was had by all with only a few glitches here and there.
The weather was mixed with at last one major downpour which did no good to ammunition and rifles, not to mention the shooters, but at least this was shared equally by all relays.
TR scored 0-5+V (HS = 150+30) while F Class scored 1-6 (HS = 180) for each of the 4 matches - the Bluenose, the Lady Slipper, the Down East and the Herring Choker. Each match was composed of 2+10 at 300yds, 500 yds and 600yds.

RESULTS - TR Shooters:
BLUENOSE                         LADY SLIPPER     HERRING CHOKER         DOWN EAST
Barry Langille - 149V13              149V21                         147V16                     148v16
Ian Hogg - 148V19                     150V16                          143V21                    150v15
Marcel Kolb - 147V12                 148V12                         147V10                     144v12
Bob Barwise - 140V7                  136V6                           132V4                       138v10
Myron Ling - 117V2                    131V6                            113V2                      117v3
Peter Dobson - DNC                   134V5                             DNC                         DNC

RESULTS - FTR Shooters:
BLUENOSE                          LADY SLIPPER     HERRING CHOKER         DOWN EAST
Francis Bezeau - 178*                    173                              172                          174
Ken Ferguson - 178                        178                              176                           171
Wendy Reid - 178                          170                              169                           174
Andy Webber - 177                        174                              177                           167
Mike Lutes - 177                            179                              172                           171
Bert MacDonald - 176                     163                              174                           164
Paul Bastarache - 174                    174                              174                           177
Mark Miller - 174                            166                              163                           158
Al Mutch - 172                               169                              162                           168
Dale MacLeod - 171                        169                              170                          165

RESULTS - FO Shooters:
BLUENOSE                            LADY SLIPPER     HERRING CHOKER   DOWN EAST       
Leo D'amour - 178                             175                             175                             164
Raymond Turcotte - 169                    155                             164                             155

TR CLASS:                               FTR CLASS:                       FO CLASS:
Barry Langille - 593V66              Ken Ferguson - 702              Leo D'amour - 692
Ian Hogg - 591V46                     Paul Bastarache - 701          Raymond Turcotte - 643
Marcel Kolb - 586V46                 Mike Lutes - 699
Bob Barwise - 546V27                Francis Bezeau - 697
Myron Ling - 478V13                  Andy Webber - 695
Peter Dobson - DNC                   Wendy Reid - 691
                                                 Bert MacDonald - 677
                                                 Dale MacLeod - 675
                                                 Al Mutch - 671
                                                 Mark Miller - 657
see further details at http://www.peipra.ca/PEIPRA/Home.html and go to RESULTS
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