Monday, May 29, 2017


Thanks to Adam MacDonald for sending this report.
At what was truly the "last minute" a 900 meter practice/match was organised at Batouche on Sunday with Adam MacDonald as Match Director. Mike Lutes and Gord Holloway were the ROs. Nine shooter were able to free themselves up to shoot long range at short notice.
The blackflies were deadly - everyone had their issues with them.
The mirage was visible and readable and the flags generally agreed. The wind ranged from 1MOA left to about 3MOA right. These shifts meant you really had to stay on your toes but if you called it right, it would pay off. It seemed the shifts would be preceded with a change in the mirage that made one think... what's happening? .  .  .  and then take another look and it's changed direction. That's what makes it so much fun. A good wind reading learning day.

As this was a combination "practice/Match", not everyone had a full scorecard.

Daniel Chisholm: 215-12
Mark McMullin
Don Coleman
Mike Lutes

Adam MacDonald: 203-10
Gord Holloway: 202-5
Harrison Brown: 196-3
Roly Trainor: 187-7
Ron Mason: 157-4 (DNC - trigger problems)


Monday, May 22, 2017


A good crowd of 24 shooters came to Saint Gabriel to shoot 600m today. We had participants from all over the province as well as from Quebec. Welcome to Nelson LeBrun and Jean-Francois Canuel from Quebec. Welcome also to new shooter Jean-Marc Chiasson from New Brunswick and to junior shooters J.J. Bennett and Julien Gautreau. Finally, a warm "Bonjour" to Edgar Poirier who we haven't seen for quite a while. As evidenced by the smiles on the faces, we all had a good time.

The weather today was passable - that is to say it was dry (except the first relay which had a sprinkle), and overcast for most of the day but this cleared and it was periodically
sunny towards the end. Mirage was visible and became very heavy as the sun came out. The wind was quite strong from left to right for most of the day but because the range is cut out of the woods it's effect on our shooting was much reduced with the average windage adjustment around 1-2 MOA.

A special thank you goes to Match Director Paul Bastarache who was planning to shoot but when he saw the number of shooters decided to serve as full-time Range Officer. Thanks to all members of the Saint Gabriel Range who worked hard to make the range ready, to construct new target frames and set up the range on shooting day. Many thanks to Debbie Gautreau and her committee of cooks who provided everyone with a wonderful lunch of hamburgers and sausages. Finally, thanks to JC Custom Barrels for sponsoring the food at this shoot. Some of us shot very well but even if we didn't, we had a lot of fun, some trigger time and lots of chatting and that's what getting together with shooting friends is all about.

We had 16 FTR shooter including the two juniors, 4 FO shooters (unfortunately one could not complete the course of fire), and 3 TR shooters. The course of fire was 2+10, 2+10 and 2+15 all at 600m. The high possible score for all was 175V25.

Ron Mason - 169V13
Adam MacDonald - 168V8
Jean-Francois Canuel - 167V8
Matt Wolf - 163V8 
JC Gautreau - 162V4
Gordon Holloway - 159V10
Harrison Brown - 158V7
Francis Bezeau - 157V11
Conrad Leroux - 156V4
Nelson LeBrun - 155V3
Ken Kyle - 154V9
Bert deVink - 151V8
Maurice Bennett - 146V4
Julien Gautreau - 139V0
Tony Clark - 131V1
J.J. Bennett - 113V2

Brian Bastarache - 164V7
Jean-Marc Chiasson - 153V7
Rolly Trainor - 149V9
Hermel Duguay - DNC

Daniel Chisholm - 167V13
Mark McMullen - 162V13
Edgar Poirier - 137V4

L>R: D. Chisholm, R. Mason, P. Bastarache, B. Bastarache

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Three shooters ventured out to shoot the 200m match this evening.   Thank goodness the rain stayed away and winds were light.

This year, to make it a bit more chalenging, we used the same target we use for pistol...with a 10 ring approximately 1.5"(3/4 moa)...a nice target - it was easy to see shots on the orange.

Highest possible score 300 from 30 shots scored. We still displayed lots of rust and we sure need more practice...but it was fun just the same.


Ash Pardy.  (Prone. 308win.) - 293 10x
Greg Schriver.  (Benchrest.  223rem.) - 280 6x
Jeremy E Rattray. (Benchrest.  223rem.) - 261.2x

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Unlike last weekend, when the Fredericton Centennial match had to be cancelled because of heavy rain, this weekend was warm, bright and sunny and dry. The temperature rose to
about 20C during the day. Most of the match today was very sunny with lots of mirage. The wind was switching from left to right for the first two relays with occasional headwinds later in the shoot. It was difficult to read and our scores reflect this.
Match Director Conrad Leroux did a marvelous job of assigning relays and shooting positions given the number of technical and equipment difficulties we had. In addition,there were 4 classes for 22 shooters - TR, FTR, FO and Long-range BR. Some shooters were present for the first time and had coaching for most of the match or had to use the same rifle. A difficult organizing task for sure.
The Range Officers today were Gord Holloway, Conrad Leroux, Mike Lutes and Bert deVink. From time to time we relied on Daniel Chisholm and Adam MacDonald for their expertise with the e-targets. Thanks to everyone who helped out today. 
Thanks also to all the shooters who came from all over the province to attend this 900m. match. We had shooters who came from the North - Lamecque and Saint Gabriel; from the South - Saint John and Black Harbour; the East - Saint Antoine and Moncton and the West - Florenceville and Fredericton. Welcome to the new shooters - Miguel Cormier, Matthew Lambert, Terry Carson and Tony Clark. We hope you had a good time shooting long-range and that you will be back for some more of this wonderful (and addictive) sport.

George Cook - 63V0 (DNF)

Brian Bastarache - 200V11
Miguel Cormier - 194V6
Roly Trainor - 166V4

Daniel Chisholm - 212V14
Don Coleman - 206V11
Matthew Lambert - DNF

Adam MacDonald - 208V12
Paul Bastarache - 200V10
Gordon Holloway - 200V7
Matt Wolf - 198V12
Ron Mason - 193V8
Ken Kyle - 183V5
Harrison Brown - 183V2
Francis Bezeau - 181V4
JC Gautreau - 180V4
Bert deVink - 180V4
Mike Connell - 176V3
Tony Clark - 175V5
Ash Pardy - 171V5
Terry Carson - 124V1 (DNF)
Moe Bennett - DNF

Tuesday, May 9, 2017



The Executive Meeting was held at the offices of Adam MacDonald on Queen St. in Fredericton. In attendance were Bert deVink - Chairman; Adam MacDonald - Vice Chairman; Don Coleman - Secretary; Daniel Chisholm - Treasurer; Mike Lutes - Advisor. Regrets - Gordon Holloway - President RNBRA; Conrad Leroux - Past President RNBRA; Mark McMullin - Fullbore Rep. to RNBRA Board (through an oversight Mark had not been notified of this meeting).

1.   Bisley Team Donation 
The RNBRA Fullbore Section will donate $125 to the Bisley Team. Bert deVink will contact the RNBRA for a matching amount to be sent to the DCRA as in years past.

2.   Strategic Planning
          a.   Level of Shooting: After discussion it was not considered necessary for shooters in New Brunswick to identify to what level of shooting they would be aspiring in 2017 (I - local, II - regional, or III - national/international - see previous minutes).
          b.   Shooter Financial Support: As in 2016, the Fullbore Section will support shooters who attend significant matches in 2017. The actual amount available will not be known until the end of the shooting season. As was the case last year, certain matches will be assigned a number of units with this year's weighting being in favour of elite shooters going to Ottawa. The total number of units will be divided into the total amount of money available to determine the value per unit and this will be multiplied by the number of units accumulated by each individual shooter.
                i.   Attendance to out of Province APMs will not be supported this year.
               ii.   ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIPS - 1 Unit
                    INTERMARITIME/BRITISH TEAM MATCH - 1 Unit
                    EASTERN F-CLASS CHAMPIONSHIPS - 2 Units
                    VICTORIA DAY MATCHES - 2 Units
                    OTTAWA LONG RANGE WEEKEND  - 2 Units
                    DCRA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS - 4 Units
                    WORLD F-CLASS CHAMPIONSHIPS - 4 Units
                    BISLEY CHAMPIONSHIPS - 3 Units
          c.   Shooters are advised to register early for the World F-Class Championship and for the  DCRA National Championships
          d.   Worlds F-Class Team: Adam MacDonald will look into the feasibility of forming an F-Class team for the Worlds. If this team can be formed the Fullbore Section will grant $250 for support and $500 will be solicited from the RNBRA. There would also be support for training of this team. Adam has researched the feasibility of this and concluded that it will be easier to form a team for the National F-Class Championships with far less cost to shooters and the Fullbore Section.
3.   Business Arising from the 2016 Fullbore Section AGM
          a.   RO Certification: Gordon Holloway will look into certification of ROs for the Fullbore Section. 
          b.   First Aid Training: Mike Lutes will look into the feasibility of holding First Aid Training in St. Antoine. St. Antoine is willing to host and one of the officers of the St. Antoine Club is willing to provide this training. There is a cost involved.
          c.   Automated External Defibrillator: A decision was made to purchase an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). Given that our membership is aging and that we shoot in areas somewhat removed from medical attention, it was deemed a prudent step to purchase one. Our cursory research indicates this unit would cost approximately $2000Can. Daniel Chisholm will research the specific unit that is most suited for our group and it's cost while Mike Lutes will look into the funding support we might have from the RNBRA. The RNBRA is willing to absorb some of the cost of this equipment.
          d.   Running the APM: It was decided that it is necessary for two people to run the Annual Prize Meet. Adam MacDonald, as Vice-Chairman, is the Match Director. We will need a full-time Chief RO. Bert deVink will ask some of the Benchrest ROs to take this on. (This was done with no interested people. Mike Lutes eventually was able to talk with Dollard LeBlanc who agreed to be the CRO for all our major matches this year - APM, Atllantics, IM/BT. It was agreed that a daily honorarium would be given to him). 
We also need a full time person to manage the E-Target System at the APM. Adam MacDonald will look into a person to fill this task. (Adam has asked Ahmed to perform this duty which he accepted, also with an honorarium.)
          e.   Finances: The Fullbore Section's finances are approximately $8000 in the bank with commitments to spend $2000 for an AED. Of this, about $4000 is set aside for the e-target amortization.
          f.    E-Targets: A reburbished e-target will cost $1500. This expenditure has already been approved in a previous meeting. $400 will need to be set aside for the cost of maintaining the e-target systems we have. A "Step-ladder" will be needed to raise the server on the firing points.
          g.   Duties of Match Directors: After discussion, it was considered important for the Match Director to be able to set up and take down the e-target systems (or have on hand someone who can do this). Adam MacDonald will provide e-target training for all those who attend the "Season Opener". (This was done with 14 shooters attending. These people will now know how to assemble each target and take it down properly so that cables are not damaged - expensive!)
          h.   Match Fees for MDs: Our experiment of allowing Match Directors to shoot free has not resulted in many/any additional volunteers. This will be discontinued and we will return to the former practice of all shooters paying a match fee.
           i.   Hosting the Easterns in 2018:  Gord Holloway will look into this.
           j.   Prize Solicitations for APM: Ash Pardee has volunteered to join the APM organizing committee in order to solicit prizes from various businesses for the APM.

Monday, May 1, 2017


A good number of shooters arrived at the Batouche Ranges on Base Gagetown to help with range and target maintenance. The day began with setting up some long-range targets which provided an opportunity for some training. Adam MacDonald instructed us as to the best way to assemble the target frames and the electronics in the butts. Then we went back to the 900m point where we learned how to set up the electronics for the different matches we might be shooting during the year.
Thanks for your work on this Adam and Daniel. 

After this, we set up on the 900m range and shot a couple of relays. The RO for this was Mike Lutes who had recently had some knee replacement surgery and still braved coming out. Thanks for volunteering Mike.
Today, Adam was the match Director. Many thanks to all who made this day possible.

The weather started out bright and sunny and around 10C. Gradually it became more overcast and at one point during the day we experienced a very little bit of rain - but not enough to stop. The wind between the berm and the targets at 900m was very changeable and most of the time we added 3-4 minutes of left wind - but there was that occasional shot at 0 wind when the flags indicated a 6 o'clock wind. 
There were many bugs to work out with new rifles, new loads, new shooters and lots of post-winter rust. Some of us learned the value of plotting as well. As the day progressed the smiles grew broader and it was clear we all had a very good time - our first back on the range since last Fall.