Friday, November 27, 2015


below are the minutes of the 2015 agm. many thanks to secretary, don coleman for preparing them early - i've had little time to post them until now - so here they are at last!

Annual General Meeting of the RNBRA Fullbore Section was held on November 8th, 2015 at the Four Seasons Motel in Sussex.
In attendance were Thomas Nowlan, JC Gautreau, Daniel Chisholm, Don Coleman, Bert DeVink, Conrad Leroux, Michael Lutes, Ron Surette, Harrison Brown, Gordon Holloway, Adam MacDonald, Ken Kyle, Dollard LeBlanc , Adam MacDonald and Mike Lutes.
The Chairperson for the meeting was Bert deVink and Don Coleman recorded the minutes.

1. New Business arising from a call from the Floor
Item vii -  The 150th Anniversary of the RNBRA by Conrad Leroux
Item viii - APM course of fire by Gordon Holloway.
Item ix -  Electronic Targets by Adam MacDonald.
Item x -  Small memorabilia item to be handed out representing the RNBRA by Ken Kyle.
Item xi - Investment of the Fullbore funds by Conrad Leroux.
Item xii -Team Training by Mike Lutes
Adoption of the Agenda moved by Michael Lutes and seconded by Daniel Chisholm.

Monday, November 16, 2015


JC (Jean-Claude) Gautreau has made the big leap to full-time barrel making as of October 23. He is now known by the name JC CUSTOM BARRELS. He has work requested of him from the Maritime Provinces and elsewhere.
JC is an accomplished shooter having shot BR out west and Fullbore in New Brunswick. He is a force to be reckoned with at any match.

JC's barrels are made from the finest stainless barrel steel and samples are performing very well indeed in local, provincial, Inter-Maritime and national matches. He researches what he does, talks to other barrel makers and does a meticulous job on all aspects of this work. I, for one, am very pleased with the barrels he made for me.

Congratulations to JC and we wish him well in this endeavour.

Here are a couple of examples of his work:
F-TR Rifle - BAT "B", RB, LP; JC Custom Barrel in .308, 10.33" twist, 6 groove, 30" long

 HV Bench Rest Rifle - Borden Rimrock BRM, RB, RP;
JC Custom Barrel in 6MM PPC, 13.5" twist, 4 groove, 22" long
Here is a link to his web-site:
You may contact him at the following: 
and by phone:  506-743-6488

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Here are the guys all having a good lunch in between the AGM and the Scheduling Meeting.

Here's Michael Lutes receiving the M. Ellen MacGillivray Award for his outstanding service to Fullbore Shooting over the years.

Friday, November 6, 2015


Minutes of RNBRA Annual General Meeting
Sussex, NB
October 18th, 2015

Attendees: Michael Lutes, Steven Stewart, Matt Wolf, Don Brown, Don Coleman, Shelley Gregan, Gordon Holloway, Lorraine Chapman, Edison Chapman, Francis Bezeau, Conrad Leroux, Paul Bastarache, Willie Cormier, April Brewer, Dollard LeBlanc, Brian Bastarache, J.R. MacDonald, Tony Wood, Charles Gregan, Adam MacDonald, Austin MacPhee, Ron Surette, Daniel Chisholm, Jean Claude Gautreau, Hugh O’Neill, Darlene Turner, Rodney Turner, Cheryl Bastarache, Daniel Bastarache, Michelle Cormier, Ken Kyle, Bert deVink, Edward Weatherdon, Ronald Mason, Amanda Bennett, Chris Lynch, Tom Nowlan

1.   Call to order @ 9:35 am. The Rule of Order (Article 10-02 of RNBRA Bylaws) was read by President, Mike Lutes.

2.  A moment of silence was observed to remember deceased comrades of the shooting fraternity.

3     President Mike asked each one of the Board members to introduce themselves and state their position on the RNBRA Board. He thanked those attending on behalf of the Board and stated that the Annual General Meeting is an opportunity to become informed of the news and business of the Association. It is a forum for discussion and input and an opportunity to honour those members who have given so much to the Association. It is also the responsibility of those in attendance to elect the President, two Vice-presidents, and three Directors at Large. Mike spoke of the RNBRA’s reason for existence which is to develop shooting ability in New Brunswick. In 2016 RNBRA will celebrate 150 years of doing that. As the provincially recognized sport governing body for shooting in NB, RNBRA receives funding from the province. As such, the RNBRA is accountable for that money. There is much work to be done and Mike encouraged those in attendance to consider what help they are willing to give. The full text of the President’s opening remarks will be included with the Secretary’s minutes.