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Woodstock Pistol and Rifle Club

Hosting the RNBRA 22 Rifle MTR/TR and Sporting Rifle Championship 2015

DATE: May 30, 2015


APPEALS: A Match Committee composed of the Match Director and 2 others will consider appeals. An appeal is to be directed to the RO on duty, then to the Match Director and finally to the Match Committee.

REGISTRATION FEE:  MTR/TR - $15 for individuals (
$20 for family),  
                                          SPORTER/HUNTER - $10 per individual ($15 for family)

LOCATION: Woodstock Pistol and Rifle Club 
                      209 Hodgdon Road, Teeds Mills, NB 

GPS COORDINATES: 46.091855/ -67.574263 
On TransCanada Highway, take exit 194 and on south side of TC is a sign for Woodstock
Pistol and Rifle Club. Sign says: WPRC 2.4 km on the service road parallel to the NB trail.

START TIMESRegistration starts at 8:30 a.m
Club members and local competitors will shoot the first relay at 9:00 a.m. Opening ceremonies will take place at once the local relay is completed. All others will start at 10:00 a.m.

1. MTR/TR - Modified Target Rifle (heavy barrel) in 22LR caliber. May be shot with aperture sights, sling, shooting jacket and spotting scope OR with unlimited magnification scope, front rest but no rear rest. The shooter must support the butt of the rifle.
2. Sporting/Hunter Rifle in 22LR caliber. No target rifles or rifles with heavy barrels are to be used (check with Match Director before registration). May be shot with aperture sight but no sling or jacket. No front rest. This class is shot from elbows only. If using a scope only 4X magnification will  be allowed (a variable scope turned down to 4X will be allowed). A spotting scope or higher scope setting may be used during sighting.

PRIZES: A minimum of 3 shooters are required for a prize to be awarded in any class.
Top shooters will be presented with RNBRA Small Bore Championship trophies for both Junior and Senior shooters. Their names will be engraved on the trophy and entered into the RNBRA Record Book. 

Trophies for the Woodstock MTR (Scoped) events:
#19 MAGEE CUP MTR Prone Junior
#101 Brig. SNOW MEMORIAL MTR Prone Junior (extra-young juniors)

Trophies for the Woodstock TR (non-scoped/aperture) events:
#97 Brig. T.E.SNOW 1993 TR  Prone Open
#79 Maj. W.H.CLARKE Trophy TR Prone Junior
#69 BOLS BOWL TR Standing Metallic sights Open

The Woodstock Pistol and Rifle Club will present take home trophies for top shooters. 
The Fullbore Section of the RNBRA will award The Snow and Burge Fullbore Junior Prize to the top Junior MTR and TR shooters (Scoped and aperture sights). 

Targets are standard 50 meter match rifle competition. 
Course of fire is 60 counting shots at 50 meters with unlimited sighters at the top left hand target bull. The remaining 5 target bulls are for counting shots - 6 shots per target bull.
There will be a target change and another 30 shots with sighters. 

Adults and juniors may shoot in same relay. For both classes, 6 shooters per relay, shooting platforms will  be under cover. Bring a shooting mat

Juniors  may have the option to shoot at 25 meter targets, depending on their skill level. This to be decided at the time of the match.
We estimate one relay to take 30 minutes, but actual times may vary.


Please E-Mail Hans to indicate your interest to help plan the event Thank You



Thanks to the hard work of Mike Lutes, President of the RNBRA, and members of the Board of Directors, the trust funds that were set up by the donations of past members for the use of Fullbore programs have been partially repatriated to the Fullbore Section. Although they remain under the care and control of the Board of the RNBRA, the Fullbore Section will direct the Board in how they will be invested and will use the funds for the purposes for which they were intended. They will no longer be in danger of being rolled over into the general operating capital of the RNBRA.

The Funds include the following (Value as of October 2009):
     1.  The M. Ellen MacGillivray Fund ($4601.74) - not apparently designated to a particular purpose
     2.  The Alban Emery Fullbore Trust Fund (Prize Fund) ($2192.64) - designated as a prize fund for the "Alban Emery Match" shot during the Fullbore APM.
     3.  The Lockett Fullbore Fund (Prize Fund) (combined $3100.78) - originally designated as a prize fund for the "All Comers Match" shot during the regular shooting season. It is now combined with the Burge and Snow Funds.
     4.  The Burge Fullbore Fund (Prize Fund) - originally designated as a prize fund for Junior Shooters. It is now combined with the Burge and Lockett Funds.
     5.  The Snow Fullbore Fund (Prize Fund) - originally designated as a prize fund for Cadets and Junior Shooters. It is now combined with the Lockett and Burge Funds.
     6.  The Fullbore Activity and Lockett Memorial Fullbore Trust Fund ($4058.48) - originally designated as a fund to finance the activities of the Fullbore Section aimed at increasing the number of shooters in the Fullbore Section.

At a special Fullbore Executive Committee meeting, held on April 25, 2015 at Batouche Range prior to the Season Opener Shoot, several issues related to these Funds were discussed. Mike L. read the pertinent minutes of the RNBRA Board Meeting in which the Funds were identified and the Fullbore Section was granted the above. The Fullbore Executive reached consensus on the following resolutions:
     1.  The M. Ellen MacGillivray Fund - the group was informed that about $7500 was donated to the development and maintenance of the Springfield Ranges and that it was understood that a long-distance range would be developed for the use of RNBRA members. The Chairperson of the Fullbore Section will communicate with the Springfield Board of Directors seeking access to the long-distance range.
     2.  Approximately $4600 remain in The M. Ellen MacGillivray Fund held by the RNBRA and the Board of that organization is not willing to repatriate this sum to the Fullbore Section as it cannot be proved that Dr. MacGillivray had intended this fund to be used exclusively for Fullbore Shooting purposes. Members of the Executive agreed that the Fullbore Section would relinquish it's claim to this fund as it would create and aggravate a conflict situation.
     3.  Investment of Funds - An investment strategy and guiding principles need to be formalized. The Chairperson will draft a policy statement to be circulated to the Executive.
Secondly, a Fund Administration committee comprised of the Chairperson or his/her designate and the Treasurer or his/her designate will be appointed to this committee. It was suggested that Conrad L. be approached given his experience.            
It was agreed that in order to grow the principle amount in the various funds 1/2 of the funds would be invested fairly aggressively while the other 1/2 would be invested conservatively. The Chairperson of the Fullbore Section will discuss this goal with the TD and RBC banks.
     4.  Disbursements of Earnings of the Funds - It was agreed that only the earnings of the funds be used and that the principle not be touched. A decision is to be made at the beginning of each year by the Executive of the Fullbore Section, as to how specifically these moneys are to be used AND they must only be used for purposes described by the funds' donors.
In 2015, it was agreed that only a minimal withdrawal will be made and that the principle and any additional earnings will be reinvested

Bert deVink
Chairperson - Fullbore Section

Saturday, April 25, 2015


The "SEASON OPENER" was held today at the Batouche Range at CFB Gagetown. Eight eager shooters and an observer were on hand to rejuvenate the targets under the capable direction of Mike L. the Match Director. Welcome to Nick M. - a new shooter and Jonathan who might be. 
It was determined that F-Class centers need to be obtained and it is time to sort through the various targets/target centers as many of them appear to be outdated. These should be donated to clubs such as Springfield, St. Antoine and Saint Gabriel who might be able to use them for informal matches or practice. The RNBRA building also needs a good cleaning and the "computer room" needs to be sorted out. It might be possible to store RNBRA files here as the storage fees now are prohibitive.

Despite the weather shooting began at about 12:30. Earlier in the morning we had a good dose of snow in the Fredericton area and it was still quite cold at the start of shooting. Temperatures hovered around 5C while the wind blew predominantly L>R across the range at about 5 to 10 km/hr. It was still winter clothes weather and those who
thought it was Spring shivered steadily. The range was also not quite melted and everywhere we walked cold water was splattered about - cold on the feet. We started at 300M to obtain "zeros" as several shooters had new equipment. From there to 600M and 900M.

One good thing - no bugs! At least not those that flew around or sting. Lots of bugs in shooters equipment and in electronic scoring (we tried to have F-Class scoring despite shooting at TR centers - wind adjustment error possibilities were infinite for F-Class shooters) although Adam MacD. made heroic efforts to make this comfortable for us all. All-in-all we had a good time and even got some things done. 

From Mike Lutes - We had one Non RNBRA member and I collected $5.00 insurance fee. Which I'll remit to the RNBRA treasurer. We waived his entry because he assisted with the targets and filled out and paid for an RNBRA membership.
It was a good day enjoyed by all. Everyone chipped in and we shot till about 6:00 pm.
Thanks to Adam and Gordon for opening up and looking after the E-targets ,
To Don for lending his experience in the target maintenance work (he is experienced at replacing target centers) and he has also taken a target face inventory.
And to Bert for doing some of the RSO duty as well as organizing the work and chairing the meeting while taking minutes.
It's going to be a great summer

Friday, April 17, 2015


Thanks to Chuck Bachmanek, President of the PEIRA, for sending this interesting piece of Maritime Shooting history:

Link to Document 1 - First mention of organizing the Inter-Maritime match

Link to Document 2 - First mention of shooting the Inter-Maritime match

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