Monday, October 21, 2013


At the 2013 Annual Meeting of the RNBRA, I was given the Andy Gunther Award for my contribution to the maintenance of this blog. It was very late in the day and I was a bit overwhelmed by this surprising turn of events and so did not say all I had wanted to. I wanted to thank you for your vote of confidence in what I am doing with this site and to express my gratefulness that you think my efforts worthy of this award.

The idea of the Blog as a communication tool for the Fullbore Section came from Daniel Chisholm who started it several years ago. Because of his many other responsibilities, I offered to become the "editor" early in 2012 and have looked after it since then. Michelle Cormier and others have contributed many photographs of matches I could not attend. I believe the Blog started out and has quickly grown into a useful tool and record of the activities of the Fullbore Section.

In all honesty, I have enjoyed very much posting new information, match results and pictures of events and the shooters who take part in them. I especially have liked the opportunity the Blog affords me to sing the praises of New Brunswick Fullbore and Precision Shooters and the Teams we send to represent the Province of New Brunswick or the Maritimes. I hope to continue to do this for a long time to come and I look forward to your suggestions to make the blog even better.