Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The DCRA TR Championships held at the Connaught Ranges in Ottawa, have just finished this past Saturday the 24th with too many highlights to mention. Here are a couple of results that showcased some of the shooters from the Maritime Provinces. Congratulations to all for some very good shooting!

Canadian Masters Championship
1rst - Jim Paton from BC - 688V84
7th - Ian Hogg from PEI - 681V64
10th - Ray Smeltzer from NS - 680V69
20th - Barry Langille from NS - 667V62

Canadian TR Championship
1rst - Jim Paton from BC - 872V108
7th - Ray Smeltzer from NS - 864V94
10th - Ian Hogg from PEI - 863V76
15th - Daniel Chisholm from NB - 859V98
19th - Don Coleman from NB - 856V73
31st - Barry Langille from NS - 849V81
40th - John Marshall from NS - 834V71
44th - Jeff Jenkins from NS - 829V66

Monday, August 19, 2013


Last week and concluding this weekend the DCRA F-Class Championships were held on the Connaught ranges in Ottawa. Although many F-Class shooters were attending the World Championships in Raton NM, a good number of top notch shooters vied for the canadian title.

In F-OPEN, the winner of the Grand Aggegrate was Leo d'Amour with 735.51
In FTR, the Grand Aggregate winner was Fred Harvey with 734.54

New Brunswick shooters who attended, were Michael Lutes and Matt Wolf who placed 7th and 8th respectively with scores of 691.33 and 690.28. Congratulations fellows!

contact bertdevink@gail.com if there are any errors

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This SATURDAY 10 August, we will hold a long distance MATCH and also a long distance CIRCLE TRAINING session, on BATOUCHE RANGE at CFB Gagetown:
- the match will be run by John Holleran.  Course of fire is 2ss15 at 800m, 2ss15@900m, and another 2ss15@900m.
- the circle training will be run by Daniel Chisholm, and will be held at 800m and then at 900m.  36 rounds should be plenty.
- you may shoot either the Match or the Circle Training.  The fee for either is $20.
- shooting will start at 10:00
- we'll shoot on electronic targets

We have Batouche booked for both Saturday and Sunday, so if the weather on Saturday looks to be threatening, we'll move both events to Sunday.  If this happens, it will be posted on the blog http://rnbrafullbore.blogspot.ca/ no later than 0600 Saturday morning.

(apologies for this relatively last minute update; originally we had scheduled the Sat. match to be at Springfield and the Sunday circle training to be at Batouche.)


We had 8 people turn up.  Weather was bang on the forecast, a beautiful sunny and fairly windy day.  Three people did a Circle Training session and the other five fired the Match.

Monday, August 5, 2013


At this year's Annual Prize Meet of the NSRA, 24 shooters attended - 9 TR; 13 FTR and 1FO.

1.     Kennedy Gold Medal Match 300
           FTR - Andy Webber; TR - Marcel Kolb
2.     Legion Match 500
           FTR - Robert Smith; TR - Ray Smeltzer
3.     Corbin 300/500/600
           FTR - Mike Lutes; TR - Ray Smeltzer
4.     Stanfield 300/500
           FTR - Robert Smith; TR - Barry Langille
5.     Higgins-Merchants 500
           FTR - Dale MacLeod; TR - John Marshall
6.     H.H. Morse 800
           FTR - Robert Smith; TR - Marcel Kolb
7.     Navy 600
           FTR - Andy Webber; TR - Ray Smeltzer
8.     Higgins - Brown 800
           FTR - Robert Smith; TR - Barry Langille
9.     MacDonald-Stewart 600/800
           FTR - Ken Ferguson; TR - Marcel Kolb

                                                         RESULTS - AGGREGATES:

1.     Higgins (Friday) Aggregate
           FTR - Robert Smith; TR - Ray Smeltzer
2.     Zwicker (Saturday) Aggregate
           FTR - Robert Smith; TR - Marcel Kolb
3.     Ventham (Sunday) Aggregate
           FTR - Andy Webber; TR - Ray Smeltzer
4.     Elliot Challenge Cup - Short Range Aggregate
           FTR - Wendy Reid; TR - Ray Smeltzer
5.     M.A. Smith Memorial - 500 M Aggregate
           FTR - Andy Webber; TR - Barry Langille
6.     The Haley Trophy - 600M Aggregate
           FTR - Ken Ferguson; TR - Ray Smeltzer
7.     Secretary's Award - Long Range (800M0 Aggregate
           FTR - Andy Webber; TR - Marcel Kolb
8.     Lieutenant Governor's
           FTR - Andy Webber; TR - Barry Langille
9.     Grand Aggregate
           FTR (HPS - 756) - Ken Ferguson - 732
           TR (HPS - 630) - Ray Smeltzer - 622/56V
           FO (HPS - 756) - Marius deChamplain - 752