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As of December 21, 2014:

Many of you may already know that the RNBRA Board of Directors and Executive Committee recently received the resignations of President Bob Kierstead, Treasurer Bobby Jones, First Vice-President Paul Richie and 2nd Vice-President Morrill Sisk. We thank these folks for their work on behalf of shooters, coaches and especially young shooters in New Brunswick over a long period of time and wish them well in their future endeavours.

These resignations have required some rapid changes and adjustment on the part of many people and these adjustments have, in turn, affected the make up of the executive of the Fullbore Section. After considerable soul-searching, Michael Lutes has accepted to take on the responsibility of presiding over the Board of Directors of the RNBRA and is now Interim-President. This meant that he could not perform his duties as Fullbore Chairman and Representative to the RNBRA Board and so Bert deVink will move to Fullbore Chairman while Don Coleman takes over the job of Fullbore Representative to the RNBRA. Bert's position of Fullbore Section Vice-chairman will be taken over by John Holleran.


Michael Lutes - Interim President:
April Brewer - 1st Vice-President:
Don Brown - 2nd Vice-President:
Steven Stewart - Past President:
Michelle Cormier - Treasurer:
Lorraine Chapman - Secretary:
Don Coleman - Membership Sec. and Fullbore Rep.:
Larry Shriver - IPSIC Representative:
Ed Chapman - Director at Large:
Wayde Clifford - Director at Large:
Matt Wolf - Director at Large:


Bert deVink - Chairman:
John Holleran - Vice-Chairman:
Don Coleman - Secretary and Rep to RNBRA:
Conrad Leroux - Treasurer:
Daniel Chisholm - Representative to DCRA:

Well, that's it so far. We will post any further developments on this Blog. To all these folks we express our thanks and wish them well in their new jobs.

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The Annual General Meeting of the RNBRA Fullbore Section was held on December 8th, 2013 at the Fairway Motel in Sussex.
In attendance were Paul Bastarache, Daniel Chisholm, Wayde Clifford, Don Coleman, Bert deVink, Brian Doherty, John Holleran, Conrad Leroux, Michael Lutes, Paul McIlveen, Ron Surette, with Steven Stewart sending his regrets.
The Chairperson for the meeting was Daniel Chisholm and Bert deVink took the minutes.


1.     AGENDA
               i)    Minutes of AGM - 2012
              ii)    Business Arising from the Minutes
             iii)    New Business
                             - Treasurer's Report
                             - Committee Reports
                             - Insurance
                             - RSO Training
                             - Electronic targets
                             - Annual RNBRA Proceedings Book
                             - Election of Officers and Liaison with RNBRA and DCRA
                             - Presentations
             iv)     Adjournment
            iiv)     Scheduling Meeting

2.     MINUTES OF THE AGM - 2012
         Moved by Conrad Leroux and seconded by Don Coleman that the minutes be adopted as read. Carried.

            i)      Insurance - Daniel Chisholm contacted Bob Kierstead, President of the RNBRA, who, by March 2013, arranged for insurance to cover shooters who were members of the RNBRA. Wayde Clifford related the history of insurance coverage with the DCRA. Further discussion was deferred to New Business.
            ii)     Mandatory Membership to the DCRA - This issue will be deferred to a future AGM.
           iii)     Electronic Target Scoring - During 2012, the Fullbore Section continued to use electronic targets with only a few glitches. These were rented on a per diem basis from the manufacturer.
           iv)     Match Fees - During 2012, match fees remained the same as in the previous year and on average, matches were self-funded.
            v)     Matches at Batouche - The requirement that Range Control be notified of the calibers that are being used for each match is still in effect. During 2012, precision shooters regularily notified Range Control while target shooters were not as consistent.
           vi)     First Aid Training - Certification in First Aid is running out for some members and will need to be renewed. John Holleran, Mike Lutes, Paul McIlveen and Brian Doherty are still current for 2014.
          vii)     Trophy Books and Crests - Updated trophy books were available from Murray Watts and some can be obtained through Don Coleman. Blazer Crests are available through Lorraine Chapman, Secretary of the RNBRA.
         viii)     Membership List of RNBRA Members - This is now available to members of the Board of RNBRA. We would like Match Directors of the Fullbore Section to also have access to this List. Brian Doherty raised a concern with publishing directions for running a match at Batouche so that unauthorized people do not run shoots or use our building (in particular members of the Oromocto Shooting Club). This issue is really a matter for Range Control to manage.
           ix)     Pre-registration at the APM - Our experience last year with pre-registration was that all shooters at the APM were pre-registered and this was helpful with planning, squadding and preparation of score sheets. Nova Scotia will continue with their pre-registration requirement  while PEI did not require pre-registration and will continue that practice.
                    Moved by Michael Lutes and seconded by Don Coleman that pre-registration continue as in 2012. Carried 10 in favour, 1 against. Our policy will be to require pre-registration and to levy a non-refundable 50% of the match fee for the APM. We will not levy a late fee or turn away late registrants providing that there is room for them without having to squad an additional relay.
                    Moved by Conrad Leroux and seconded by Bert deVink that novice shooters cannot shoot at the APM. Shooters at the APM must have attended at least 1 match before the APM and must satisfy the Match Director that they are capable of shooting the match (this would include such considerations as being familiar with the routine of shooting, scoring and adjusting their equipment. For long range matches they must have a reliable zero). This motion is to address problems encountered last year with novice shooters seriously disturbing their shooting squad with avoidable difficulties that could have been solved by attending a previous match.
              i)     Treasurer's Report - Conrad Leroux presented the financial statements of the Fullbore Section as of December 6th, 2013. At present we have a surplus after disbursements and liabilities of about $3000.
                     Moved by Conrad Leroux and seconded by Michael Lutes that the Treasurer's Report be accepted as presented. Carried
             ii)     Chairperson's Report - Daniel Chisholm presented a brief report stating that one task remains to be done during his tenure as chairperson and that is to ensure that members of the Fullbore Section are reimbursed for travel expenses.
            iii)     Report of Fullbore Section Liaison Person to RNBRA - Michael Lutes presenting a report indicating that some difficulties have been encountered in the past year resulting in no election of a new slate of officers for the RNBRA. The next meeting of the RNBRA Board is on January 5th, 2014. The RNBRA Website needs to revamped and Bert deVink will represent the Fullbore Section on this effort. A new Airgun Section was established in the RNBRA on November 24th, 2013. The issue of trust funds earmarked for the activities of the Fullbore Section and other Fullbore funds deposited with the RNBRA will be adressed during the coming year.
                     Moved by Wayde Clifford and seconded by Don Coleman that Michael Lutes continue as the Fullbore Liaison Person with the RNBRA Board. Carried.
            iv)     Report of RNBRA Representatives to Atlantic Hi-Power Committee - The Fullbore Section was represented by Ron Surette and Michael Lutes and the latter presented a brief report of the discussions. Dates for matches were set, a discussion about the smooth movement of trophies among the 3 provinces was held and the selection process for the Mini-Palma will take place at the Atlantic Championships. The full minutes of this meeting may be read here: Minutes of Atlantic Hi-Power Meeting - 2013
             v)     Vice-Chairperson Report - Bert deVink reported on the APM last summer and hi-lighted the crucial role of all the volunteers who made the Match a success.
                     Moved by Michael Lutes and seconded by Wayde Clifford that the Vice-Chairperson of the Fullbore Section automatically becomes the Match Director for the APM in the following year. Carried.
            vi)     Insurance - Much discussion centered on the need for adequate coverage for each individual shooter and guests at Fullbore or Precision matches. Some local clubs provide for their own insurance and so Fullbore shooters of those clubs are covered. This would mean that their fees would go up and the Insurance Companies would be "double dipping". It is clear that members of RNBRA affiliated clubs are not automatically covered by RNBRA insurance.
                     Moved by Michael Lutes and seconded by John Holleran that the Fullbore Section Liason Person to the RNBRA Board brings up to the Board and that the Board ensure that the RNBRA provides shooting insurance for all of it regular members. Carried.
           vii)     RSO Training - At all of our matches it is a requirement (especially at Batouche) that a certified RSO be responsible for safety at the firing line. Ron Surette and Wayde Clifford are certified Trainers. Wayde Clifford volunteered to provide the necessary training for both new and previously trained RSOs.
                     Moved by Don Coleman and seconded by Michael Lutes that Wayde Clifford provide an RSO Training course for Fullbore Section Members at a date and place to be set by the Fullbore Section Chairperson. Carried. Ron Surette volunteered that this could take place at the St. Antoine Range.
          viii)     Electronic Target Scoring - for this discussion Daniel Chisholm declared a conflict of interest as the manufacturer of the electronic scoring system and relinquished the chair to Michael Lutes. He abstained from voting on this matter.
                                                                  - It was generally agreed that we will be continuing with electronic scoring and that, on the whole, it has proven to be a reliable system that provides us with some real benefits. Much discussion took place on the various options and merits of buying or renting. It is clear that we need to develop rules for the fair application of electronic scoring.
                      Moved by John Holleran and seconded by Conrad Leroux that we continue to use the electronic scoring system provided by Daniel Chisholm for our Fullbore Section matches and that the Fullbore Executive find means of supplying the scoring system. Carried.
             ix)     RNBRA Proceedings Book - Wayde Clifford presented and read from an earlier RNBRA Proceedings which collates ALL the activity for that given year. As Section Historian he would like to continue this practice and would like e-mails of all activities and matches to be sent to him. This is all available on the Blog-site and automatic e-mail delivery is available from this site.
              x)     Election of Officers -
                      a)     Chairperson
                               Moved by Don Coleman and seconded by Bert deVink that Michael Lutes be nominated to the position of Chairperson. No further nominations. Acclaimed.
                      b)     Vice-Chairperson
                               Moved by Wayde Clifford and seconded by John Holleran that Bert deVink be nominated to the position of Vice-Chairperson. No further nominations. Acclaimed.
                      c)     Secretary
                               Moved by John Holleran and seconded by Conrad Leroux that Don Coleman be nominated to the position of Secretary. No further nominations. Acclaimed.
                      d)     Treasurer
                               Conrad Leroux agreed to serve for 1 more year as Treasurer of the Fullbore Section. Appointed.
                      e)     Liaison Person to RNBRA Board
                               Michael Lutes was elected as Liaison Person to the RNBRA - see Item 4-iii
                       f)     Liaison Person to the DCRA
                               Daniel Chisholm will continue as Liaison to the DCRA

 Don Coleman, Michael Lutes, Bert deVink, Conrad Leroux

              xi)     Presentations - Michael Lutes as the new Chairperson, presented a plaque to Daniel Chisholm and to Conrad Leroux for their outstanding contributions to Fullbore Shooting and to the Fullbore Section over many years.

              xii)     Adjournment - The AGM was unanimously adjourned and all members present formed a Committee of the Whole in order to work on the schedule of matches for 2014. This schedule may be viewed here: 2014 FULLBORE SCHEDULE

Respecfully Submitted
Bert deVink

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The meeting of Fullbore and Precision shooters in the Maritime Provinces took place in Amherst NS this past Sunday. Although the weather was anything but good and the driving was bad, Michael Lutes and Ron Surrette attended and represented New Brunswick. Andy Webber took the chair while Wendy Reid took the minutes.

This meeting is a forum to discuss issues of relevance to Fullbore shooting, to agree on rules for shared matches, to co-ordinate the various competitions that all Maritime shooters might wish to attend and especially to schedule the traditional matches - three AGMs, Inter-Maritime Match, British Team Match, the Atlantic Championship and the Mini-Palma Match.

Minutes for this meeting may be found here: 2013 High-Power Meeting