Tuesday, April 30, 2013


In order to help with your planning for the 2013 shooting season, keep an eye on this
Link to Eastern F-Class Website

which is dedicated to the Eastern F-Class championships,
(ps. you can follow the discussions about this on Gunnutz Long Range/Precision Forum too)

                                                                     Tentative dates 
June 29th to July 1rst 2013

the Connaught Ranges in Ottawa.

Proposed Schedule and Course of Fire for 2013 is :
           Friday June 28th        3PM
           Registration, Rifle Weigh-In, Practice Session (subject to range availability)
           Saturday June 29th    9AM
           AM     2+15 @ 700m; 2+15 @ 800m
           PM      2+15 @ 900m; 2+15 @ 900m
           Sunday June 30th    9AM
           AM     2+15 @ 700m; 2+15 @ 800m
           PM      2+15 @ 900m; 2+15 @ 900m
           Monday July 1st        9AM
           AM     2+15 @ 900m (Team); 2+15 @ 900m

Because of sheduling problems few (if any) F class shooters from the Maritime Provinces were able to attend last year. We were missed last year and the organizers would like as much participation from Eastern Provinces Shooters in 2013 as possible.
In 2012 Will Chou won the FTR match with an aggregate of 430.18  and Leo D'Amour won FO with 464.15. (HPS was 525.105).
In 2011 the HPS was 630.130 with Kenny Proulx winning FTR with a score of 556.20 and Ralph Colgan winning FO with a score of 583.25. That year, several Maritimers shot the Eastern F-Class Championships and New Brunswickers shot well in FTR with Matt Wolf placing third (548.19); Mark Cormier placing sixth (525.29) and Ken Kyle placing fourteenth (497.18).
It would be great if a lot of us could make it in 2013.
Contact Scott Bissett  > easternfclass@gmail.com
or Barry Price  >  continental@bellnet.ca

Contact bertdevink@gmail.com if there are any errors