Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Many thanks to Michelle Cormier for sending the write-up and the pictures for both matches.

 New Brunswick hosted the Inter-Maritime Team match on Saint Antoine Gun Range Ron Surette as the Match Director, Range Officer, range preparer. Both he and Michelle Cormier worked very hard to make this a successful event once again. Ken Kyle took over RO duties while Ron was shooting. 

The event was postponed during the morning due to rain and was re-started at 1:00pm after everyone had enjoyed lunch of sandwiches, sweets, chips, fruit, veggies
and water / pop / iced tea. This was provided by Michelle Cormier with financial support from the RNBRA Fullbore Section.

To save time and to save the condition of the range, the event was shot 2 + 7 rounds all at 600m which is located next to the road.The range was too wet to take vehicles down range to the 300m and 500m firing points.

Nova Scotia won the day shooting a very nice score of 801V62.  It is noteworthy that the Nova Scotia Team had, as members, both the youngest team member (Braden Coleman-Sadd who is 15yrs old) and oldest (John Marshall who is 86yrs old).

High Team - Nova Scotia = 801V62
High F-Class - Francis Bezeau = 104V6
High TR-Class - Marcel Kolb = 105V15

NEW BRUNSWICK (Total 787V48)
F - Paul Bastarache 35V3 + 34V2 + 33V1
*F - Francis Bezeau 35V3 + 35V0 + 34V3   
F - Gordon Holloway 34V4 + 35V2 + 32V5
F - Ken Kyle 31V1 + 32V2 + 32V2 
TR - Don Coleman 33V2 + 33V2 + 33V1
TR - Michelle Cormier 30V1 + 32V0 + 34V4
TR - Ken Geddes 31V1 + 28V1 + 32V1
TR - Ron Surette 30V1 + 35V4 + 34V2 

NOVA SCOTIA (Total = 801V62)
F - Sonny Desrosiers 33V0 + 34V1 = 34V2 
F - Ken Ferguson 31V2 + 32V3 + 35V4   
F - Bill Giles 33V0 + 31V1 + 30V0
F - Travis Shaw 34V3 + 33V1 + 35V1   
*TR - Marcel Kolb 35V7 + 35V5 + 35V3
TR - Braden Coleman-Sadd 33V2 + 34V4 + 35V4
TR - Barry Langille 29V2 + 35V3 + 35V4
TR - John Marshall 35V5 + 32V3 + 33V2

F - Kris Feng  32V2 + 31V1 + 33V3
F - Dave Hanson 31V4 + 35V3 + 33V2
F - Tyler Nichols 31V2 + 32V1 + 31V2
F - Jian Wu 34V2 + 33V1 + 33V1
TR -  Chuck Bachmanek 29V2 + 25V1 + 26V2
TR - Glenn Craig 20V0 + 30V2 + 29V0
TR - Mark McMullen 34V3 + 35V2 + 34V2
TR - Edgar Poirier 32V1 + 31V2 + 28V1

The weather was forecast to be better for today, but it was still dreary in the morning.  The range was a bit drier, and were able to compete at the 300m.  We were not able to shoot the 500m range due to soggy grounds, so we shot the 600m twice.  All 2 + 10 rounds.

The winner again was Team Nova Scotia.  New Brunswick shooters seemed to have some technical difficulties with their rifles, which sent them to the 100m range to try to figure it out.  Unfortunately, too many points were already lost and we were unable to catch up.

A great time was had by all, all seemed to enjoy our range and facilities.  Lunch today was leftover breads and meats, chips, etc, and BBQ burgers.

Start time was 8:30am and we finished by 1:00pm, then had some lunch, tore down of the range and then all assembled for the presentations.  All competitors were on their way home by 3pm.

HIGH F-CLASS - Gordon Holloway = 147V16
HIGH TR-CLASS - John Marshall = 149V17

F - Paul Bastarache 47V4 + 45V4 + 47V1
F - Francis Bezeau 46V3 + 43V2 + 45V2
F - Ken Kyle 39V2 + 49V4 + 49V4
*F - Gordon Holoway 49V5 + 50V6 + 48V5
TR - Don Coleman 48V6 + 49V3 + 46V5
TR - Michelle Cormier 46V3 + 48V1 + 43V2
TR - Ken Geddes 46V4 + 46V2 + 41V1
TR - Ron Surette 42V0 + 48V2 + 47V1

NOVA SCOTIA (1152v94)
F - Sonny Desrosiers 50V5 + 48V4 + 43V0
F - Ken Ferguson 50V2 + 47V2 + 46V1
F - Bill Giles 46V1 + 46V3 + 46V1
F - Travis Shaw 47V2 + 49V3 + 48V4
TR - Braden Coleman-Sadd 48V4 + 47V4 + 48V6
TR - Marcel Kolb 49V4 + 50V9 + 48V4           
TR - Barry Langille 50V6 + 48V5 + 49V4            
TR - John Marshall 50V5 + 49V5 + 50V7

F - Kris Feng 46V1 + 45V0 + 46V5
F - Dave Hanson 46V4 + 48V3 + 46V1
F - Tyler Nichols 46V1 + 46V5 + 43V2
F - Jian Wu 49v4 + 47V4 + 49V4                 
TR - Chuck Bachmanek 39V1 + 41V1 + 39V0
TR - Glenn Craig 35V1 + 37V0 + 35V1
TR - Mark McMullen 46V3 + 50V4 + 48V3
TR - Edgar Poirier 43V1 + 46V2 + 40V2

Until we meet again in 2018 !

Monday, June 26, 2017


Many thanks to Adam MacDonald for sending this write-up and the pictures.

The session was well attended with Adam MacDonald, Conrad Leroux, Harrison Brown, Gord Holloway, Mark McMullin, Mike Connell, Ken Geddes, Roly Trainor, Tanner Anderson, Joey Anderson, Ron Mason and Matt Wolf present.

Today went very well. We did something a little different - focusing on training for wind reading. On one target, Adam fired 3 strings of 15 while 3 or 4 people worked together to read the wind/mirage and coach as a group. It was an excellent way to share strategy and opened eyes to methods of interpreting and understanding the wind, with immediate feedback on each decision since the rifle was performing very well.

On another target, Gordon Holloway walked a group through plotting electronically, focusing on how to use it, centering, and also wind adjustments, while single shooters took turns.

The third target was a free for all, where everyone got a chance to shoot and try it for themselves.

I believe this was much more useful as a learning experience than shooting by yourself would be. Training days are very important as we all have a lot to learn from each other and the more we work as a team, the more we all improve.

The wind started out weak, and the rain came in around 11:00am. We shot through it somewhat and then took a short break, but everyone was wet. After 1:00pm the sun came out and the wind became really interesting, allowing just enough mirage to tell direction and presenting a shift from 1MOAL to 1MOAR we had to stay on top of. Sometimes the flags would agree, sometimes not, and knowing when and which way to click 1/8 or 1/4 is the difference between a V and a 4.

Jamie Taylor is a new shooter just getting into fullbore coming from a cadets background years ago. He used his own TR rifle, and I loaded ammo for him as part of our 'free rifle and ammo for new shooters' program this year. He started out with a puzzling 4 minute group, but after dry firing for 20 minutes and getting back into the groove the group shrunk to almost 1 minute. We are looking forward to having him as a regular this year, and his years of experience shooting in the Ottawa Connaught wind will surely be very helpful for us all.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


The Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association 

cordially invites all Fullbore and Long-range shooters to the New Brunswick Provincial Championships and the Annual Prize Meet of the RNBRA-FULLBORE SECTION which will be held on July 15 and 16, 2017 on the Batouche Range at CFB Gagetown.

Please check here before you come to the APM as last minute changes may be made to this schedule.

DIRECTIONS: Enter Base Main Gate at Lawrence and Broad Road (Route 660); then second right (at the fire station on right), proceed to Range Control Gate; register with Range Control (you will need your driver's license and vehicle registration); get directions to Batouche Range.

PLACES TO STAY: There are many motels in and around Fredericton. With convenient access to Oromocto is the Robin's Inn on the Vanier Highway toward Fredericton with the Blue Canoe just across the way (with a 24 hour restaurant).

REGISTRATION: The range gates will be open at 7:30 am on both days. Registration will take place at the range at 8:00 am

Monday, June 12, 2017


The Coleman/Stapleford Match was held at the Batouche Ranges on Base Gagetown on Saturday under the capable Direction of Don Coleman and Range Officer Mike Lutes.
It was a really fine sunny day with temperatures rising from 14 to 22C by the end of the shooting. The winds varied from 10 to 18 km/hr from the west shifting to mostly southwest and was strong enough to keep the bugs to a minimum. 
Frequent magpies, (disappointing shots dropping into the 2 ring), appeared as slight changes in angle were giving 2 minute changes.
Although scheduled to be a 900m match with 3 relays, the NB Inter-Maritime Team members ran through a simulation of the Inter-Maritime Match to be held next weekend. The Coleman/Stapleford match consisted of 2 X 2 + 10 for Team members instead of the usual 3 X 2 + 10. Shooters not on the team discarded their lowest score. With the tricky wind most team members wished that they also could have dropped their lowest score.
Thanks to Don Coleman for the write-up and to Brian Bastarache who sent the pictures. Thanks to everyone who helped out today.

Don Coleman - 90V6
Ken Geddes - 83V3
Mike Lutes - DNF

Brian Bastarache - 91V3
Roger Caissie - 82V4

Mike Connell - 94V5
Harrison Brown - 92V3
Ron Mason - 89V3
Paul Bastarache - 88V5
Ken Kyle  - 86V5
Adam MacDonald - 86V4
Conrad Leroux - 85V3
Maurice Bennett - 81V2
Francis Bezeau - 79V1
Jake vanCuren - DNC

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


The Inter-maritime Match Trials were held in St. Antoine after some postponing from Saturday to Sunday due to the weather. It turned out to be an OK day with some rain but that did not stop a good number of shooters from attending this important event. 

The top shooters in Target Rifle and FTR will represent New Brunswick at the annual Inter-maritime and British Team matches. These will be held in St. Antoine on June 16 and 17, 2017.

Daniel Chisholm - 146V9
Mike Lutes - 141V9
Ron Surette - 136V5
Ken Geddes - 130V3
Michelle Cormier - 130V2
Edgar Poirier - 105V2

Hermel Duguay - 132V2
Rolly Trainor - 122V3

Gord Holloway - 142V9
Francis Bezeau - 142V5
Paul Bastarache - 138V9
Ken Kyle - 138V7
Adam MacDonald 137V10
Ron Mason - 135V6
Harrison Brown - 132V8
Tony Pham - 122V2
J C Gautreau - 121V4
Conrad Leroux - 105V0

(Names in bold constitute the New Brunswick Team to the Inter-maritime Match. This Team also has Don Coleman as a TR shooter and Adam MacDonald as Captain and Wind Coach)