Thursday, February 23, 2017


Adam MacDonald, with support of the RNBRA Fullbore section, hosted an indoor F-class practice session on February 19 at the Northside Pistol Range in Fredericton.

This “virtual shoot” involves using electronic simulation equipment which connects the dry-firing of your rifle to the e-target system. Your firing pin triggers a rubber button in the primer pocket of an electronically-rigged 308 cartridge, in order to simulate a shot in the system when you pull the trigger. 
Participants read a challenging 3D virtual wind flag, recorded scope adjustments on their tablets, and aimed at a scaled-down target at 20 meters. Once they fired a few shots and started to learn the flag, it felt just shooting a real match - but without the "BANG".

The day began at 9:00 am with a presentation covering plotting for F-class. This was a golden opportunity to learn to properly apply plotting to your shooting routine well in advance of the shooting season and to get together with some like-minded friends. 

Participants used all the equipment typically brought up to the line (rifle, shooting mat, rear bag, tablet for the e-target) except live ammunition. 

Adam accepted 15 participants, first come first serve. Fee was $20 per person (but we didn't kick you out if you're broke). 

Here are some pics and a description from Adam MacDonald:
The day went perfectly. 7 people came out, plus myself and the very helpful Laura. First there was a presentation about plotting which took over an hour on account of the very involved questions and example scenarios we ran through. Then we went downstairs and most fired 3 relays. There was a noticeable improvement in handling of the very difficult simulated wind conditions as the day went on. It was a great chance to practice wind calls and discuss strategy.
The high score went to Mike Armstrong, a benchrest shooter of 6 years, and this was his first time shooting long range for score. Now he's hooked!
Registered attendees: Mike Armstrong, Mike Lutes, Ron Mason, Harrison Brown, Roly Trainor, John Stamp, Ash Pardy.