Monday, July 29, 2013


The 141st Annual Prize Meet of the Prince Edward Rifle Assn. was held on July 27 and 28, 2013 at the beautiful Alexandra Range. This range is immaculate with very good shooting mounds and a beautiful view of Northumberland Strait. It was a very good shoot and we all enjoyed ourselves a great deal.
To make an APM run smoothly and a good experience for the shooters, it takes a lot of effort and work from many people. At the risk of leaving some out, our thanks go to Ian Hogg and his daughter, Chuck Bachmanek, Dale MacLeod, and the folks who worked behind the scenes.
Additionally we thank the young butts crew for whom this experience was their first - a very steep learning curve - and who did a marvelous job of scoring each shot on target. Not easy even for the experienced.
At the beginning of the first day, the weather looked like it would be awful to shoot in - very windy, wet, cloudy and cool. As it turned out, we had very little rain which amounted to a light sprinkling now and then. The wind was the big story for the first day - it was the strongest wind (about 35 km/hr with lots of gusts coming fairly steadily from 1 or 2 o'clock) most shooters could remember on the Island. Even so , some very good scores were recorded. The second day was quite different with the same precipitation and clouds but much diminished wind coming from 5 or 6 o'clock with occasional complete reversals. This was very tricky at times requiring substantial wind adjustments from shot to shot. This caught several shooters by surprise at times - ouch!



Additional pictures may be found at this link:

RESULTS:                                                                                                                                                                                           1. Wendy Horton Match: TR - Daniel Chisholm, FTR - Mike Lutes
2. H.L. Sear Insurance Ltd. Match: TR - Daniel Chisholm, FTR - Mike Lutes
3. Vesey's Seeds Ltd. Match: TR - Barry Langille, FTR - Bert deVink
4. George Rogers Memorial Match: TR - Ian Hogg, FTR - Bert de Vink
5. Perley Taylor Memorial Match: TR - Barry Langille, FTR - Bert deVink
6. MacDonald Stewart Match: TR - Barry Langille, FTR - Mike Lutes
7. Jones Memorial Match: TR - Daniel Chisholm, FTR - Paul Bastarache
8. All Comers Aggregate: TR - Barry Langille, FTR - Bert deVink  

9. Grand Aggregate: 

TR Class:  Barry Langille - 541.51
Daniel Chisholm - 540.59    
Ian Hogg - 533.52    
Raymond Smeltzer - 532.44    
John Marshall - 520.32   
Alexandre Hamel - 516.24    
Conrad Leroux - 512.39    
Bob Barwise - 510.22    
Steve Maly - 487.19    
Chuck Bachmanek - 465.13    
Clifford Craswell - 414.8    
Glen Craig - 277.4                                         

FTR Class:  Bert de Vink - 635
Mike Lutes - 625
Ron Mason - 620
Paul Bastarache - 615
Al Mutch - 610
Dale MacLeod - 595    

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Team selection for the Mini-Palma Match will be a bit different this year from previous years. The Minutes of the Atlantic High Power Rifle Committee from the Meeting of November 25, 2012 recorded the following discussion and resolution which was adopted:

"Re. the Mini Palma Match:

1.   John Marshall will be the Atlantic Canadian team coordinator in 2013.
2.   F-Class competitors can only use .308 or .223 cal. rifles.
3.   There was lengthy discussion around the selection of the Mini-Palma team. Most people want the team selected sooner than the Atlantic Championships. It was decided that the top 5 TR shooters and the top 2 F-Class shooters from the Inter-Maritime and British Team matches will be offered positions first; then the Team Coordinator will select the remaining team members to fill the 7 and 3 TR and F-Class team positions respectively.
4.   RNBRA will host the 2013 Mini Palma match at Springfield Range with four electronic targets (backup plan is Gagetown).
5.   Course of fire will be 2 & 15 at 800m, 900m & 900m."

Based on this resolution, the Maritime Mini-Palma Team includes the following shooters who have been selected from the 2013 Inter-Maritime and British Team Matches:  

  • the coordinator/captain is John Marshall
  • the TR members of the team are Barry Langille, Daniel Chisholm, Don Coleman, Marcel Kolb, and John Marshall
  • the FTR members of the team are Bert deVink and Paul Bastarache
The coordinator will be selecting an additional 2 TR shooters and 1 more FTR shooter some time prior to the Mini Palma Match.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013



In the absence of newer information pertaining to 2013, this information is presented to be of some help for shooters seeking information about the ranges and course of fire. There is no certainty that this information in whole or in part is applicable to the 2013 Annual Prize Meet.

Date: July 27 and 28, 2013
Total rounds: 147 (not counting tie breakers)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This match was shot at the Springfield Ranges under the able direction of Match Director John Holleran. He also was the RSO for the match. Thanks to John and Daniel for their work in making this match possible. It is a medium distance match comprised of 2ss10 at 300, 500, and 600M. Start time was 10:00a.m. This match was scored using electronic scoring only and with no difficulties was deemed a great success.

The weather was beautiful with about 25 C, sunny skies and winds which ranged from nil to about 12 km/hr. It caught a few of us off guard when it waned as there were few indicators other than tree tops and some grass. Everyone had a terrific time both shooting and socializing. It was great to see Tanner, a junior shooter out today - especially since he did so well.

It was agreed at the RNBRA Fullbore Section Annual Meeting and Scheduling Meeting, that for this year only, this match would be called the deVink Memorial Match in honour of Jan deVink, brother of Bert deVink, who passed away suddenly in the fall of last year. He was only 61 years old and had had heart problems during his life. Jan loved life, his family, shooting and hunting in that order. He especially loved long distance shooting beyond 1000 yds. and had encouraged me to enter this fascinating and sometimes frustrating sport. He had been a salmon fisherman, logger and worked laying pipe in Northern Alberta so had little time for competitive shooting. He is survived by his wife Betty, son Lucas, daughters Marie and Jaime and grandkids - all live in BC and Alberta. 

FTR CLASS:            300M          500M          600M          Aggregate

Bert deVink -             50.8            50.10          49.5                149.23
John Holleran -           50.10          50.6            49.6                149.22
Tanner Anderson -      50.7            49.6            50.7                149.20
Mike Lutes -              50.10          50.7            48.6                148.23
Ash Pardy -               48.5            49.7            49.3                146.15
Joe Anderson -           45.1            48.3            41.1                134.5

TR CLASS:              300M           500M         600M           Aggregate

Daniel Chisholm -       50.6            50.6            50.5                150.17
Conrad Leroux -         47.4            47.5            47.3                141.12

We thank Michelle Anderson for taking so many great photos which may be seen at:
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Sunday, July 14, 2013


The Loyalist, Saint John and Westmoreland Counties Match was held in St. Antoine on July 13.
It was an exceedingly hot and humid day and everyone was drained when it was over. We thank the Club de Tir St. Antoine Gun Club for hosting this match, Ron Surette for being the Match Director and Michelle Cormier for handling the duties of the RSO. In addition there were a good number of people who helped set up and take down the range so that this match could be help - thanks to all.

TR Class:
                                    300m       500m       600m      Aggregate

Ron Surette                  47.02        49.05       48.03          144.10
Don Coleman                46.04        49.07      48.04           143.15
Michelle Cormier           47.03        48.01       48.04          143.08
Edgar Poirier                45.02        45.03       49.02          139.07
Ken Geddes                 45.01        41.02      42.00           128.03

FTR Class:
                                    300m        500m      600m      Aggregate

Mike Lutes                    50.08         50.07      50.09          150.24
Paul Bastarache            49.05         50.08      50.06          149.19
Conrad Leroux               49.04         49.05      48.04          146.13
Maurice Bennett            50.07         48.06      45.02          143.15

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Saturday, July 13, 2013


The 2013 Annual Prize Meet of the RNBRA was held on July 6 and 7 with very warm temperatures, under blue skies that became cloudy from time to time, with very benign winds and without rain. All 18 shooters had a great time and we enjoyed a very competitive match with three classes shooting - TR, FTR and FO.
This is a notable event for shooters in New Brunswick as this is the first time that a major competiton held anywhere in Canada has been scored without target markers and entirely by electronic marking. The system used in this APM is designed and manufactured by Daniel Chisholm and his associates and relies on the sound of a bullet, travelling above the speed of sound when it cuts through the target. Our experience so far has been very good even though some minor frustrations were experienced during the match either from our inexperience with the e-readers or from an issue with the system.
First of all, our thanks are due to a number of people without whose work this match would not have happened.
  1. The competitors who came from Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and of course, from New Brunswick.
  2. The Organizing Committee consisting of Daniel Chisholm, Don Coleman, Matt Wolf, Conrad Leroux, Mike Lutes, Paul McIlveen, and John Holleran Each of these guys did a lion's share of the work to make the match a success.
  3. The Range Safety Officers Mike Lutes and Steven Stewart who gave their time to stand in the hot sun to make sure we would have a safe and smoothly running match.
  4. The Statistician, Conrad Leroux and assistant Don Coleman, who provided the results right after the match so that awards could be made on the range.
  5. All the guys who worked behind the scenes to construct targets and target faces, who put up and took down targets and electronic gear, who made sure we had water, who put up and took down flags etc. etc.  I lost track of it all but thank each of you very much.
  6. The guys, including John Holleran, Ash Pardy, Ron Mason, and Alex Hamel who gave their time and expertise to help those of us who had some trouble with the e-readers and tablets.
  7. The Match committee members from Nova Scotia - Al Mutch and from PEI - Dale MacLeod.
  8. Bob Kierstead, President of the RNBRA, who brought and presented the Governor General's Medals.
  9. Last but not least, Daniel Chisholm who provided the electronic scoring equipment, made sure it was running well, solved any problems that occured when it wasn't and who was always available for advice on any of the decisions that needed to be made about the match.
The main results for each class of shooters is listed below. Your individual scores and other comparative information is available here: APM 2013 - Spreadsheet of Results
The Winner's List is available here: Winner's List - APM 2013
Please note that several results are not available but will be added later.

The John Gibson Memorial Match - 300M
TR - Daniel Chisholm; FTR - Bert deVink; FO - Leo d'Amour

The T. Eric Snow (First Stage of Prince of Wales) Match - 300M
TR - Daniel Chisholm; FTR - Matt Wolf/Gord Holloway; FO - Raymond Turcotte

The George Burge Memorial (Second Stage of Prince of Wales) Match - 500M
TR - Daniel Chisholm; FTR - Matt Wolf; FO - Marius deChamplain

The Prince of Wales (Third Stage) - 800M
TR - Alexandre Hamel; FTR -  Paul Bastarache; FO - Marius deChamplain

The Alban Emery (First Stage) Match - 500M
TR - Don Coleman; FTR - Bert deVink; FO - Marius deChamplain

The Alban Emery (Second Stage) Match - 600M
TR - Don Coleman; FTR - Bert deVink; FO - Marius deChamplain

The Al Lockett (Governor General's First Stage) Match - 600M
TR - Daniel Chisholm; FTR - Dale MacLeod; FO - Leo d'Amour

The Andy Gunter (Governor General's Second Stage) Match - 800M
TR - Daniel Chisholm; FTR - Bert deVink; FO - Marius deChamplain

The Governor General's Final Stage Match - 900M
TR - Don Coleman; FTR - Paul Bastarache; FO - Leo d'Amour

The Prince of Wales Match (Total of 300, 500 and 800M)
TR - Daniel Chisholm; FTR - Paul Bastarache; FO - Marius deChamplain

The Alban Emery Match (Total of 500 and 600M)
TR - Don Coleman; FTR - Bert deVink; FO - Marius deChamplain

The Governor General's Match (Total of 600, 800, and 900M)
TR - Don Coleman; FTR - Paul Bastarache; FO - Marius deChamplain

The MacDonald/Stewart Grand Aggregate (all matches except 4c)
TR - Don Coleman; FTR - Bert deVink; FO - none

The Parker/Hale Midrange Aggregate (all 500 and 600M Matches)
TR - Don Coleman; FTR - Bert deVink; FO - Marius deChamplain

The DCRA Aggregate (all shots fired and DCRA Member)
TR - Don Coleman; FTR - Matt Wolf; FO - none

The Moe Norman Long Range Aggregate (800 and 900M Matches)
TR - Don Coleman; FTR - Paul Bastarache; FO - Marius deChamplain

The MacGillivray Memorial Aggregate (GG 800 and 900M Matches)
TR - Don Coleman; FTR - Paul Bastarache; FO - Marius deChamplain

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