Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This match was shot at the Springfield Ranges under the able direction of Match Director John Holleran. He also was the RSO for the match. Thanks to John and Daniel for their work in making this match possible. It is a medium distance match comprised of 2ss10 at 300, 500, and 600M. Start time was 10:00a.m. This match was scored using electronic scoring only and with no difficulties was deemed a great success.

The weather was beautiful with about 25 C, sunny skies and winds which ranged from nil to about 12 km/hr. It caught a few of us off guard when it waned as there were few indicators other than tree tops and some grass. Everyone had a terrific time both shooting and socializing. It was great to see Tanner, a junior shooter out today - especially since he did so well.

It was agreed at the RNBRA Fullbore Section Annual Meeting and Scheduling Meeting, that for this year only, this match would be called the deVink Memorial Match in honour of Jan deVink, brother of Bert deVink, who passed away suddenly in the fall of last year. He was only 61 years old and had had heart problems during his life. Jan loved life, his family, shooting and hunting in that order. He especially loved long distance shooting beyond 1000 yds. and had encouraged me to enter this fascinating and sometimes frustrating sport. He had been a salmon fisherman, logger and worked laying pipe in Northern Alberta so had little time for competitive shooting. He is survived by his wife Betty, son Lucas, daughters Marie and Jaime and grandkids - all live in BC and Alberta. 

FTR CLASS:            300M          500M          600M          Aggregate

Bert deVink -             50.8            50.10          49.5                149.23
John Holleran -           50.10          50.6            49.6                149.22
Tanner Anderson -      50.7            49.6            50.7                149.20
Mike Lutes -              50.10          50.7            48.6                148.23
Ash Pardy -               48.5            49.7            49.3                146.15
Joe Anderson -           45.1            48.3            41.1                134.5

TR CLASS:              300M           500M         600M           Aggregate

Daniel Chisholm -       50.6            50.6            50.5                150.17
Conrad Leroux -         47.4            47.5            47.3                141.12

We thank Michelle Anderson for taking so many great photos which may be seen at:
contact bertdevink@gmail.com if there are any errors

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  1. Bert,

    I'm sure we will all have a great day on the range this Saturday in remembrance of your brother.

    See you all there...