Sunday, June 30, 2013


The 2013 Annual Prize Meet of the Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association will be held on July 6 and 7 at the Batouche Range at CFB Gagetown

Saturday: Sunny with a few cloudy periods in the morning.  Small chance of showers or thundershowers late in the afternoon to evening.
Hot and humid with morning temperatures near 25C at mid morning rising to low 30-32 in the afternoon. Winds westerly 10 to 15 kms.

Sunday: Sunny  with temperatures rising 25C  by 10 am and to 32C in the afternoon. Winds west 5-8 kms diminishing to light.

With high humidity and temperatures both days there will be humidex readings in the mid 30s.
If the reading is in the mid to high 30s, then certain types of outdoor exercise should be toned down or modified, depending on the age and health of the individual, physical shape, the type of clothes worn and other weather conditions.
If working outdoors is an absolute necessity, drink plenty of liquids and take frequent rest breaks. In hot, humid conditions, there is a considerable risk of heat stroke and sun stroke.

DIRECTIONS: Enter Base Main Gate at Lawrence and Broad Road (Route 660); then second  right; continue to Range Control Gate; register with Range Control, (you'll need Driver's License and Registration) and get directions to Batouche Range. Note that Griffin's Pub and Eatery is on the left as you enter the base.
Google Map Link: Map to Batouche Range

MATCH FEE: $100 (Junior members $50).  Individual matches may be entered on a space-available basis, see printed program for fees; One day $50.


MATCH COMMITTEE: Bert deVink (NB) , Al Mutch (NS), Dale MacLeod (PEI)

ELECTRONIC TARGET MARKING: Please note that this year, for the first time, the RNBRA is using electronic target marking. This will mean some adjustments in the normal functioning at the firing point.
1. The electronic system will only register bullets arriving at the target above the speed of sound.  In order for your bullets to register at 900m, you either need to load the old (#2155) Sierra 155s to about 3000fps, or use one of the higher-performance 155s (Berger 155.5, Lapua 155, new Sierra 155 #2156, etc).  For .223, either a 90 grain bullet is needed, or an 80 grain bullet loaded to near 3000fps.
2. The system uses display panels at the firing line. Some/a few will be provided but shooters should bring their own iPad, smartphone, e-reader (Sony-PRS-T2 e-readers are available at Staples for about $100).  Help will be available to get your devices set up, if you arrive at least one hour early.
3. Squadding will be three shooters per target. Squadding/target assignment will be done randomly and announced at the beginning of each day of shooting. 
4. Only two relays will be fired at each distance.

                                   Saturday JULY 6, 2013

Range gate opened - 07:30

Registration : 08:00-08:30 @RNBRA Trailer

Range Safety Briefing, Electronic Target introduction, training and setup
0830-0900 at 300m firing point

Match 1: John Gibson Memorial, 2ss10@300M
09:00, 2 relays.  7 minutes prep time plus 45 minutes for three shooters.

Match 2a:  T. Eric Snow (Pr.of Wales 1st Stage), 2ss7 @ 300M
10:40, 2 relays.  7 minutes prep time plus 24 minutes for three shooters.

LUNCH BREAK: 11:40, one hour

Match 2b:  G. Burge (Pr.of Wales 2nd Stage), 2ss10 @ 500M
12:40, 2 relays.  7 minutes prep time plus 32 minutes for three shooters.

Match 3a:  Alban Emery 1st Stage, 2ss10 @ 500M
14:00, 2 relays.  7 minutes prep time plus 32 minutes for three shooters.

FALLBACK from 500M Range -> 600M Range - approx. 15:15

Match 3b:  Alban Emery 2nd Stage, 2ss10 @ 600M
15:40, 2 relays.  7 minutes prep time plus 32 minutes for three shooters.

Close down range for Saturday - approx 17:00

Informal Supper and Get-together
17:45 Griffin's Pub and Eatery, Canex Mall, entrance to CFB Gagetown

                                   Sunday JULY 7, 2013

Range gate opened - 07:30

Registration for Sunday-only shooters, if any: 07:35-08:00 @RNBRA Trailer

Sunday Briefing and Squadding: 0810 at 600m firing point

Match 4a:  Al Lockett (Gov-Gen 1st Stage), 2ss10 @ 600M
08:30, 2 relays.  7 minutes prep time plus 32 minutes for three shooters.

FALLBACK from 600M Range -> 800M Range - approx. 09:40

Match 2c:  Pr. of Wales - (Final Stage), 2ss10 @ 800M
10:10, 2 relays.  7 minutes prep time plus 32 minutes for three shooters.

Match 4b:  Andy Gunther (Gov-Gen 2nd Stage), 2ss10 @ 800M
11:25, 2 relays.  7 minutes prep time plus 32 minutes for three shooters.

LUNCH BREAK, and fallback from 800M Range -> 900M Range
12:45, one hour

Match 4c:  Governor-General (Final Stage), 2ss10 @ 900M
14:10, 2 relays.  7 minutes prep time plus 32 minutes for three shooters.

Finalize Stats and Range Teardown
15:25 All shooters please assist with range teardown

Stats Posted; challenge period
16:25 Approx 15 minute time for examination of stats

Awards Presentation On Range    
16:45 @ RNBRA Trailer

0.   Range gates open at 07:30 each day.
1.   Registration is on Saturday, July 6th at 8:00am sharp
2.   The first match of Saturday begins at 9:00am and on Sunday at 8:30. Please be on time
      for each subsequent relay after that.
      CALLED UP.
4.   Except when shooting, rifles will have a chamber flag inserted into the breach or
      will have the bolt removed.
5.   Prior to removing a rifle from the shooting mound it must be cleared by your
      shooting partner and then by the Range Officer.
6.   Prizes will be awarded if there are at least three entries in a class (TR, F/TR, MTR, F/Open)
7.   Shoot-offs will be used to break ties in the overall aggregate for the Prince of Wales
       and the Governor General's matches only.
8.   Competitors are advised to bring snacks and lunches as well as water for each day
      as lunch breaks will not be long enough to leave the range.
9.   Cash prizes are awarded as per the program.
10. You will need a maximum of 105 rounds to shoot the APM - not including shoot-offs.
11. At the first match of each day only, practice shots are allowed until on paper.
      After that 2 sighters and then shots on score.
12. F-Class will shoot on the TR target and "V=6" scoring will be used.  Shooters are
      to record V,5,4,etc on their scorecards - this will be converted to 0-6 with no
      V-bulls by the Match Statistician

Sunday, June 23, 2013


The Range Work Day started before 10 am and we managed to produce a number of long range target overlays. These will be pasted over the mid-range targets once we have finished using them during the APM. This should lead to less target handling.
Work still has to be done to produce a few more mid or long range overlays and short range overlays. Another work party will be required for range setup.

Today, during the shooting, it was mostly cloudy and warm temperatures giving pleasant weather conditions. Winds were light but became challenging for the last relay as the wind picked up changed angle leading to a magpie and some wide inners. The match was 3 targets with 2 sighters and 10 on score. Congratulations to the winners and to all for great match.

Coleman - Stapleford Match Results :

TR Class:
Daniel Chisholm         50.6           50.5            49.5            149.16
Alex Hamel                50.4           49.3            50.4            149.11
Don Coleman             50.2           49.2            48.3            147.7
Mike Lutes                  DNS

FTR Class:
Paul Bastarache           60              58              55              173
Gord Holloway              58              51              54              163
John Holleran               56              55              52              163
Kevin Gallivan               52              57              52              161
Conrad Leroux              ---              46              45               91

Brian Pettipas             57              51              56              164
George Cook              57              51              49              157

Paul Mcllveen and Brian Doherty fired 45 calibre black powder practice.

Monday, June 17, 2013


The Nova Scotia Rifle Association hosted the 136th Annual Inter-Maritime Match on June the 15th and the British Team Match on June the 16th at their beautiful Bull Meadow Ranges facility in Beaverbank just outside of Bedford/Sackville. We thank Andrew Webber, the president of the NSRA and John Marshall, the Fullbore Program Chairman, and all the hard working volunteers as well as the target changers for a very enjoyable 2 days of shooting.

Each of the three maritime provinces fielded a full team of 8 shooters for the Inter-Maritime Match.  These teams were selected on the basis of trials in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick but this was not possible for Team PEI as they had been rained out of all the scheduled matches so far this year. As a result, we had the priviledge of meeting a range of new and old shooters from the Island - from the youngest ever to shoot at the Inter-Maritime to the oldest ever and many in between.

Conditions on both days of shooting were quite good. Although it had been raining the day before and the range was spongy and wet, we enjoyed sunny and partially cloudy days with nice warm temperatures in the afternoons. Winds were mild in the mornings but were more robust and changed quickly in velocity and direction in the afternoons. This caught most shooters for a few points as the day progressed. The weather was beautiful for the entire shoot and as we drove home we received the next installment of rain.


 In the overall standings for the Inter-Maritime Match, Nova Scotia placed first with a score of 877.50, New Brunswick placed second with a score of 870.40 and PEI placed third with a score of 782.26 

Name                                           300m          500m            600m            Total
(TR)Daniel Chisholm                   34.2            35.4              35.3              104.9
(TR)Don Coleman                       34.3            34.3              35.3              103.9
(TR)Michelle Cormier                   32.1            33.2              35.3              100.5
(TR)Conrad Leroux                      33.3            33.1              34.3              100.7 
(TR)Ron Surette                           34.2            34.4              34.3              102.9
(FTR)Paul Bastarache                   40               42                40                  122
(FTR)Bert deVink                          41               41                41                  123
(FTR)John Holleran                        41               39                35                  116

Name                                           300m           500m           600m             Total
(TR)Chuck Backmanek               31.0             31.0             29.0                91.0
(TR)Bob Barwise                         29.1             35.2             35.3                99.6
(TR)Ian Hogg                               33.4             35.4             35.4              103.12
(TR)Lindsay Jenkins                    29.1             34.2             33.4                96.7
(TR)Miron Ling                            18.0              25.1             21.0                64.1
(FTR)Dale MacLeod                     39                 41                38                  118
(FTR)Alex Steele                         33                 30                33                   96
(FTR)Rob Steele                          35                 39                41                  115

Name                                           300m            500m           600m             Total
(TR)Jeff Jenkins                            35.2              34.1             32.2               101.5
(TR)Marcel Kolb                            35.5              33.3             33.1               101.9
(TR)Barry Langille                         35.5              35.5             35.4              105.14
(TR)John Marshall                         35.6              35.4             34.2              104.12
(TR)Ray Smeltzer                         35.3              35.3             34.4              104.10
(FTR)Ken Ferguson                         40                 42                 38                 120
(FTR)Al Mutch                                42                 39                 40                 121
(FTR)Andrew Webber                      42                 40                 39                 121

Photography by Michelle Cormier

Name                                            300m            500m           600m            Total
Dan Chisholm                                49.6              50.5             49.5            148.16
Don Coleman                                 49.3              49.4             48.5            146.12
Michelle Cormier                            48.4              47.4             44.2            139.10
Conrad Leroux                               46.3              47.3             46.3             139.9
Ron Surette                                   48.2              47.1             46.4             141.7
Paul Bastarache                             58                 57                 56                171
Bert deVink                                    59                 59                 57                175
John Holleran                                  59                 56                 50                165


Name                                            300m            500m           600m            Total
Miron Ling                                      36.0              40.1             37.0             113.1
(FTR)Francis Bezeau                         58                 54                55                166
(FTR)Mark MIller                                55                 50                57                162

Name                                             300m           500m           600m             Total
Jeff Jenkins                                    46.4             49.6              49.3            144.13
Marcel Kolb                                    48.5             50.5              49.2            147.12
Barry Langille                                 50.5             50.3              48.2            148.9
John Marshall                                 49.2             47.4              47.2            143.8
Ray Smeltzer                                  49.6             50.5              48.6            147.17
Ken Ferguson                                  55                56                  55               166
Wendy Reid                                     59                52                  55               166
Andrew Webber                                59                55                  56               170

For more pictures click here
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Monday, June 10, 2013


After the completion of the RCR Centennial Match in Saint Antoine on the weekend, the New Brunswick Team to the Inter-Maritime and British Team Matches has been selected. Congratulations to the following shooters and coaches who make up the team:

TR Shooters:
Daniel Chisholm  - Captain and coach
Don Coleman - Alternate Coach
Michelle Cormier
Conrad Leroux
Ron Surette - Coach 

FTR Shooters:
Paul Bastarache
Francis Bezeau - Alternate and scorer
Bert deVink
John Holleran

The Inter-Maritime Match will be shot on Saturday, June 15th and The British Team Match on Sunday June the 16th. Both Matches will be held at the Bull Meadow Ranges in Nova Scotia under the auspices of the Nova Scotia Rifle Association. These matches are long-standing annual contests of markmanship involving teams from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. Total Rounds for the IM Match is 27 (2+7 at 300m, 500m and 600m) and for the BT Match is usually 36 (2+10 at 300 m, 500m and 600m but a relay at 800m is a good possibility - bring some extra ammo). Both matches are coached.

Here is some information forwarded by Andy Webber (Pres. of NSRA):
"The Inter-Maritime Match will start at 10:00 on Saturday and the British Team Match will start at 09:00 on Sunday. The hotel where most out-of-towners will be staying is:
Stardust Motel (Bedford location)
1067 Bedford Highway, Bedford, Nova Scotia, B4A 1B5
The website is
Their telephone number is 902-835-3316.

Coordinates for Bull Meadow Range:    44°59'51"N   63°44'2"W

Further unformation:
"We are planning to meet at the Riverside Pub in Bedford at 7PM Saturday. As is traditional for the Inter-Maritime we are encouraging all to dress in their "Number 1s" - (Blazers and ties). Meals will be off the menu in a private room in the pub"

And further information:
"We are on our own for lunch on Saturday; but on Sunday, a lunch will be provided at the range.


After having been postponed from Saturday to Sunday due to the huge amount of rain accompanying tropical storm Andrea, the RCR CENTENNIAL MATCH  was held in Saint Antoine this weekend. We shot 2 + 10 at 300 M, 500  and 600 M for a match HPT of 150.30 The results of this match are the basis for selecting the New Brunswick Team that will represent the province at the Inter-Maritime & British Team Match in Nova Scotia next weekend.

 We were blessed with no significant rainfall - only a little misting in the morning. The wind also was benign with occassional 5-10 km/hr winds. The last relay at the 600 meter range did have some reliable tail winds that seemed to give a few problems.
Ten shooters were in attendance and all had a good time today.
Thanks to Ron S. and Michelle C. for hosting the match and officiating. Thanks also to all shooters for helping in the butts and with cleaning up.


TR CLASS:        Ron S. - 149.13
                         Don C. - 145.11
                         Michelle C. - 144.04
                         Conrad L. - 131.08
                         Mike L. - DNC

FTR CLASS:        Bert deV. - 150.24
                           Paul B. - 150.23
                           John H. - 150.20
                           Francis B. - 148.19

FO CLASS:        J.C. G. - 150.19

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Sunday, June 2, 2013



Today was a terrific day for shooting in New Brunswick. The temperature in the morning was a bit cool and gradually warmed up to about 25 C. The sky was lightly overcast and gradually became blue with occasional clouds. 
 The wind was very light at 5-10 k/h and dropped off to none at all during the middle relay. Even the black flies cooperated - there were some but no-one was carried off to the woods.
The Match Director today was Michelle C. while Ron S. and Michelle C. were the ROs for the match. Daniel C. was kept busy scoring and helping the shooters with the e - tablets. Thanks to each for your work in making this shoot possible. 
Today the entire match was scored using Daniel C.'s electronic scoring system. It sure made the shoot easier and at times much more rapid. Some of us had some problems with the tablets/readers but hopefully with enough practice we'll work out the gliches and get better at using them.

Fifteen shooters attended the match - needless to say all had a lot of fun today. Prizes for this match were bullets donated by Sierra - the Bullet Smiths. Our thanks for this annual support.


TR Class:         Daniel C. - 572
                        Ron S. - 571
                        Don C. - 569
                        Michelle C. - 565
                        Edgar P. - 540
                        Michael L. - DNC

 FTR Class:      Brian D. - 594 (shot MTR)
                        Paul McI. - 593
                        Wayne K. - 591
                        John H. - 591
                        Francis B. - 588
                        Conrad L. - 576
                        Ash P. - 576

FO Class:         Bert deV. - 600
                        Paul B. - 596

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