Monday, June 30, 2014


1.   Mike Lutes expresses all our thanks to the Saint Antoine Gun Club and the members who made our Intermaritime Match and British Team Match such a wonderful success.

The link is here RNBRA Thanks to Saint Antoine Gun Club

2.   John Marshall, Captain of Team Nova Scotia, sends this message:

Monday, June 23, 2014


The 128th Annual Intermaritime and British Team Matches were held this weekend at the lovely Saint Antoine Range in New Brunswick. Most shooters arrived the Friday night with several staying in Motels but just as many housed in Conrad Leroux' fine old house in Bouctouche. We stayed up late getting re-acquainted with our friends from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.
The next day, the first day of summer, started early with no hint of sun but a threat of rain, very mild winds and quite cool temperatures in the neighbourhood of 10-13C. After a fine breakfast at "La Sagouine", we arrived at the range where Ron Surette was already loading up target
frames and number boards to be transported to the butts. Daniel Chisholm was in charge of setting up electronic targets and these were calibrated while shooters started to arrive. Team meetings, the range safety briefing and an electronic target briefing later,
we were ready to begin. We all moved to the 300m firing point for the first stage of the match - 2+7. At the  500m the target faces were changed for another 2+7. After this a lunch set up by Michelle Cormier was very welcome. The 2+7 at 600m was completed right after lunch.

This year, Prince Edward Island had some difficulty fielding a complete team for the competition. Four New Brunswick shooters - Nancy Bourgeois and Edgar Poirier shot TR while Francis Bezeau and J.C. Gautreau  shot FTR - rounded out the team for PEI - a true mark of sportsmanship and devotion to the sport.
That evening we all gathered for the traditional banquet at "le Paysan". The results were announced and the beautiful old "Intermaritime Cup" was transfered from Nova Scotia to the safekeeping of New Brunswick.

John Marshall presented the audience with a brief history of the Intermaritime Match. This was also the time to express our thanks to Ron Surette and Michelle Cormier for all their hard work to make this event a success and enjoyable for all. The team captains, Michelle Cormier, John Marshall and Glenn Craig were also thanked for their service, as were the NB shooters who shot for their friends in PEI.

As can be seen in the results below, some extremely fine shooting took place on Saturday. Congratulations go to Team New Brunswick, which finished the day with a score of 881V40. Team Nova Scotia came in second with a score of 871V49 while Team PEI came in third with a score of 814V25. Congratulations also go to Marcel Kolb who was high TR shooter with a perfect score of 105V13 and to Paul Bastarache who was high FTR shooter with a perfect score of 126.


Daniel Chisholm - 103V12
Ron Surette - 103V9
Don Coleman - 103V7
Mike Lutes - 103V7
Conrad Leroux - 99V5
Paul Bastarache - 126
Bert deVink - 125
Gordon Holloway - 119


Marcel Kolb - 105V13
John Marshall - 104V12
Ray Smeltzer - 103V11
Barry Langille - 103V8
Peter Dobson - 93V5
Ken Ferguson - 124
Bill Giles - 120
Sonny Desrosiers - 119


Mitch MacLeod - 101V10
Edgar Poirier - 98V4
Chuck Bachmanek - 96V5
Nancy Bourgeois - 96V5
Glenn Craig - 72V1
J.C. Gautreau - 124
Francis Bezeau - 122
Bob Barwise - 105

On the second day, Sunday, everyone was there "with bells on" - feeling fit as a fiddle for sure! and feeling no pain after last night's celebrations. We shot the British Team Match in the best conditions a shooter or a coach could wish for. The wind was a little trickier than the previous day but still very gentle down range. The temperature was up considerably - a welcome change after yesterday.

The British Team Match consisted of 2+10 at 300m, 500m, and 600m with the same team members, coaches, scorers and Ron Surette was the RSO for this day as well.
Darlene B., Murielle L., and France B.
Lunch was a special treat as it was a great barbeque organized by Michelle Cormier and prepared by the best AND the best looking cooks in the Saint Antoine area who called themselves - wait for it - (gulp) - "The BBQ Bitches". After the match a tired bunch of people went to the club house for the results and final farewells.

Congratulations were extended to Team New Brunswick which won the match with a score of 1254V68. Nova Scotia came in second with a score of 1242V62 while Prince Edward Island came in third with a score of 1052V31. The high TR shooter again was Marcel Kolb with a perfect 150V17 although John Marshall was hard on his heels with a perfect 150V15. In the FTR class Ken Ferguson and Bert deVink tied for high score of 179.

Don Coleman - 149V15
Ron Surette - 148V14
Dan Chisholm - 146V12
Mike Lutes - 144V14
Conrad Leroux - 142V13
Bert deVink - 179
Paul Bastarache - 177
Gordon Holloway - 169

Marcel Kolb - 150V17
John Marshall - 150V15
Ray Smeltzer - 148V14
Barry Langille - 146V11
Peter Dobson - 133V5
Ken Ferguson - 179
Bill Giles - 175
Sonny Desrosiers - 161

Mitch MacLeod - 134V12
Nancy Bourgeois - 132V4
Chuck Bachmanek - 127V3
Edgar Poirier - 123V7
Glenn Craig - 92V1
J.C. Gautreau - 172
Bob Barwise - 141

Hope to see you all in 2015 in Prince Edward Island !

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The Annual Prize Meet of the RNBRA will be held on July 12 and 13, 2014 on the Batouche Range at CFB Gagetown.

DIRECTIONS: Enter Base Main Gate at Lawrence and Broad Road (Route 660); then second right (at the fire station on right), proceed to Range Control Gate; register with Range Control (you will need your driver's license and vehicle registration); get directions to Batouche Range.
Google Map Link: Batouche Range in CFB Gagetown

PLACES TO STAY: There are many motels in and around Fredericton. With convenient access to Oromocto is the Robin's Inn on the Vanier Highway with the Blue Canoe just across the way (with a 24 hour restaurant).

REGISTRATION: The range gates will be open at 7:30 am on both days. Registration will take place at the range at 8:00 am

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


From: Jim Thompson
Date: June 9, 2014 at 10:57:57 PM ADT
Subject: Bisley 2015
I'm writing to you as Provincial Presidents/Secretaries about the 2015 Canadian Rifle Team to Bisley. The DCRA has provided me with this list of e-mail addresses.

You may have read my notes in the latest issue of the Canadian Marksman.  As I pointed out, it may be that we shall be short of some of our regular Bisley shooters because of the World Championships and Palma Match being held in the USA, which are scheduled to take place in between the Bisley and DCRA Meetings. I am fully appreciative of, and sympathetic to, the possibility that some shooters may be unable to take in Bisley as well as the other two events.

We shall initially proceed in accordance with the published procedures for Team selection (both for TR and F class members), but it may be more important than usual that we look further afield in order to fill places on the Team.

To this end, I ask that PRAs let me know of potential new, particularly younger, team members, who are active and successful in their Province but not yet necessarily well known in Ottawa. I also ask PRAs to make it be known to their members that individual applications to join the Team are invited. All such nominations/applications should be received at the DCRA Office not later than 30 September 2014.  All these will be considered once the invitations based on the TR and F Class aggregates have been responded to and assessed in order.

I am interested in nominations/applications relating to both potential shooters and coaches.

I thank you very much for your help and I look forward to taking a strong, collegial and successful team to Bisley in 2015.

Jim Thompson
Team Commandant

Sunday, June 8, 2014


The 2014 Shooting Team that will represent New Brunswick at the Intermaritime and British Team Matches to be held in Saint Antoine on June 22nd and 23rd was selected after the team trials this Sunday.

Back Row:  Daniel Chisholm TR; Bert deVink FTR; Gordon Holloway FTR; Michael Lutes TR
Front Row:  Conrad Leroux TR; Don Coleman TR; Paul Bastarache FTR; Ron Surette FTR

New Brunswick Team Captain:
Michelle Cormier - New Brunswick Team Captain
Alternate Shooters:
Francis Bezeau FTR
Edgar Poirier TR

This team will be competing against a team from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in what is the longest running, hotly contested rifle competition in Canada.

The Nova Scotia Team consists of John Marshall, Barry Langille, Ray Smeltzer, Marcel Kolb and Peter Dobson shooting TR. FTR shooters include Armen Papasian, Ken Ferguson and Sonny Desrosier.

To increase our anticipation, the Prince Edward Island team is not as yet revealed. "The cat is now out of the bag" - the core of PEI's team will be Captain Bob Barwise shooting FTR; Coach and TR shooter Mitch MacLeod; and TR shooters Chuck Bachmanek and Glenn Craig. Shooters from New Brunswick will round out the team. Edgar and Nancy Poirier will shoot TR while Francis Bezeau and JC Gautreau will shoot FTR for PEI.


The New Brunswick Team trials for the Intermaritime/British Team Match were held in Saint Antoine this Sunday. Sixteen shooters from across New Brunswick attended - 8 Target Rifle and 8 FTR shooters. The day started with everyone shooting at 100m to obtain a reliable zero which would help the wind coaches adjust for wind.

We then moved to the 500m range and shot 2+10 in team shooting conditions with 3 wind coaches and scorers. Two relays of 2+10 were shot at the 600m. also under team shooting conditions. Team shooting was a new experience for many shooters and this was a good practice experience for all. Scores were based on a training target especially developed for this practice event today by Daniel Chisholm. It was designed so that shooters were selected based on their ability to place shots vertically while feedback for wind coaches was available from the horizontal spread of the shots.

The weather for this event was perfect with a high of 26C recorded in the afternoon, light winds that were predominantly down range, no clouds and . . relatively few flies and mosquitos.

The range was set up by Ron Surette and his crew. Thanks to both Ron, who was also the RSO for this event and to Michelle Cormier, who was the statistician. Thanks to everyone for helping out with range duties.

Based on the following results, the NB Team and alternates were selected.

Mike Lutes - 150V22
Don Coleman - 149V23
Ron Surette - 149V20
Conrad Leroux - 148V14
Daniel Chisholm - 147V17
Michelle Cormier - 143V17
Edgar Poirier - 143V12
Nancy Poirier - 143V9

Paul Bastarache - 150V24
Gordon Holloway - 150V20
Bert deVink - 148V19
Francis  Bezeau - 148V15
Matt Wolf - 146V19
J.C. Gautreau - 145V16
Ryan Demerchant - 144V16
                                                        John Holleran - 144V13

Thursday, June 5, 2014


The Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association wishes to express it's sincere condolences to the families of the slain and wounded RCMP officers in Moncton NB. Our deepest condolences also go to the RCMP family and, indeed, to the people of New Brunswick for this loss. The RCMP officers who were gunned down, as are all law enforcement officers, are the mainstay of a law abiding society and their deaths are deeply felt by all. It is our hope that the perpetrator of this act is apprehended speedily and without further harm to anyone.
The RNBRA strongly supports the legal and legitimate use of firearms for sporting purposes. We deplore and condemn the use of firearms in any illegal or criminal activity.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


The SIERRA "BULLET" MATCH was held in St. Antoine last Saturday with a good crowd of 20 shooters competing in 4 classes. This match is traditionally one of the best attended of the season and for several shooters it is the first match of their schedule. A big welcome to Brian Pettipas for whom this was the first ever fullbore match.

The match consisted of 3 relays of 20 rounds on score shot in strings. Maximum possible score for the match was 600. One shooter would shoot while his/her partner would score the entire string and a third shooter would get ready on the mound. It was clear that people came here to shoot - with the first relay starting with unlimited sighters, some shooters continued firing their sighters while others were already done with the relay! For sure, a good time was had by all present.

We were treated to wonderful weather - sunny all day with only a hint of clouds on the horizon at the end of the match. Those who did not get touched by the sun went home with wind-burns because we had a steady 20-30km/hr wind blowing downrange off the Norththumberland Strait. This was tricky at times as this tail-wind would switch back and forth with flags pointing in different directions at the same time. The first two relays were pretty consistent but as the third relay wore on the wind changed more frequently and rapidly. More than a few shooters suffered the effects of over or under adjusting for the wind - hopefully a lot of learning took place today.
Thanks go to the Sierra Company who have been the prize sponsors of this match for many years whether the economy was doing well or not. Canadian shooters have few options for their supplies and the Sierra Co. has always stood tall in their support for them.

Thanks go to several people for making this match possible. Ron Surette was the Match Director and did an excellent job of organizing this match. Michelle Cormier was the statistician. Daniel Chisholm with several helpers, set up the scoring system which worked beautifully and presented the results on ISSF targets in metric units - wow! Thanks also to all who helped set up and take down the target backers and flags. Congratulations to all the winners and to all shooters for a really enjoyable match.

Paul Bastarache - 197 - 197 - 199 = 593 (on count back)
Francis Bezeau - 198 - 198 - 197 = 593
Gordon Holloway - 197 - 199 - 194 = 590
Conrad Leroux - 194 - 198 - 197 = 589
Harrison Brown - 196 - 192 - 192 = 580
John Holleran - 198 - 186 - 191 = 575
Maurice Bennett - 191 - 192 - 190 = 573

Daniel Chisholm - 187 - 190 - 190 = 567
Don Coleman - 193 - 185 - 186 = 564
Michael Lutes - 185 - 188 - 183 = 556
Ron Surette - 185 - 184 - 182 = 551
Michelle Cormier - 185 - 182 - 178 = 545
Mark McMullin - 190 - 183 - 168 = 541
Ken Geddes - 180 - 160 - 183 = 523
Edgar Poirier - 173 - 183 - 166 = 522

Bert deVink - 199 - 197 - 200 = 596
JC Gautreau - 196 - 194 - 199 = 589

George Cook - 198 - 199 - 194 = 591
Brian Pettipas - 198 - 195 - 193 = 586
Tom Nowlan - 186 - 180 - 169 = 535