Sunday, April 27, 2014


The much awaited Range Safety Officer course was held Saturday, April 26 at the range in St. Antoine from 8:00am to about 4:00pm. The presentor was our colleague and authority in the field, Wayde Clifford. Sixteen eager students absorbed Wayde's very informative and at times, entertaining presentation.

Wayde covered the functions of the Chief Range Safety Officer of training the RSOs and of developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the range. The content of the SOPs are determined by the range owners and typically include organizational information, range capabilities, range operations, shooting range rules and regulations and emergency response plan considerations.

He also covered the functions of the Range Safety Officer which include:
     1. Planning and the conduct of the firing exercise
     2. Issuing and detailing local instructions
     3. Ensuring all personel are made aware of all safety regulations through a range safety briefing.
     4. Giving orders to cease and commence firing
     5. Ensuring that communications are maintained
     6. Close control and supervision of personel and firearms
     7. Ensuring that the range facility is left in good order

Wayde further talked about the functions of others during a firing excercise with emphasis on assistant RSOs. sentries and first aid officer. A good deal of time was taken with Range Rules stressing rules for safe behaviour. Unintentional discharges , or the conditions that may lead to one, can happen to anyone and it takes the shooter, his scoring partner as well as the RSO to attempt to prevent this. Emphasis was also placed on the Pre-shoot Briefing.

Everyone was involved in creating a Range Briefing which was then shared with the group for input. Additionally, everyone was able to practice the commands of the RSO at the firing line.
We also wrote a test based on Wayde's information - it was surprising to us older fellows how much information we were able to forget from the brief time it was presented to writng the test!

Many thanks to Wayde. We now have a good complement of qualified Range Safety Officers to run our matches.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hi Fullbore Shooters;
Below you will find a link to the RNBRA President's Spring Report.

Michael Lutes -  Interim
President of RNBRA

 RNBRA President's Report

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Message from President of RNBRA - Michael Lutes:

The RNBRA has purchased insurance coverage for all its members with the National Firearms Association  (NFA). This insurance will cover liability arising out of our shooting activities. This will be our policy from March 31, 2014 to March 31, 2015. The policy and proof of insurance wallet cards will be received by the Secretary. The proof of insurance will then be distributed to the members.

The insurance purchased for all regular and life members covers all "legal/sactioned" range shooting activities anywhere as well as some other activities. The insurance becomes active once membership has been processed. The RNBRA believes this to be the best coverage available in Canada for our shooting members and guests.

At a match (RNBRA sanctioned event), proof of insurance will be required - this will consist of the NFA Insurance wallet card. Anyone showing up to an RNBRA sanctioned match/event, who does not have a current full RNBRA membership, and who cannot show proof of their individual liability insurance must pay a $5.00 per day guest insurance fee, and this, along with the shooter's name and the date, will be forwarded to the insurance company periodically (at least every 6 months). This method will cover guests and new shooters.

So, at a Fullbore or Precision rifle shoot the Match Director has the responsibility to ascertain that all participants have proof of insurance and/or collect $5.00 with the shooters name and date and forward this to the RNBRA. This may be a bit of a headache but necessary just the same.

The RNBRA cannot sanction events that have participants who do not have insurance coverage - we have to be sure. Any events held by clubs or other associations that cannot be sanctioned by the RNBRA cannot be included in the RNBRA sport profile/funding request to the provincial government. Also, anyone competing in such events must be full RNBRA members to be eligible for any funding assistance.