Monday, July 27, 2015


The 141st Annual Provincial Rifle Championship of the Prince Edward Island Rifle Association was held on the Alexandra Range outside of Charlottetown on July 25th and 26th. Seventeen shooters were in attendance from all over the Maritime Provinces - PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Magdalene Islands. Unfortunately some of our friends couldn't make it so Newfoundland and Labrador was not represented. It was a good group of shooters who, independent of the shooting, had a wonderful time. Also unfortunate was that a couple of PEI shooters had issues with eyes or equipment and had to withdraw from the match. They stayed to help out with the running of the match.

Our thanks go to Chuck Bachmanek who, as President of PEIRA, was the match organizing committee chairman, the Match Director and Range Officer. He was a busy man and as a result could not shoot the match. 

Thanks also go to Dale MacLeod, Jian Wu and Cole ? from PEI who worked hard to make this match a really good one. Thanks to Adam MacDonald for assisting with the e-target markers and keeping electronic things on the firing line in good order. Last, but not least, thanks to Mrs. Bachmanek for the wonderful banana bread and fruit on the range - this kept our stomachs from rumbling louder than the firing during the match!

On the first day of shooting the weather was overcast with good light and very little wind. Halfway through, it started raining lightly and this up picked towards the end of the first day. It stayed quite cool for July but this was not entirely unwelcome. The second day was about the same for temperature, although it became a little more muggy with the sun peeking out a time or two. Winds were much more brisk in the morning (10-15km/hr) but subsided as the day progressed. They were quite steady mostly from 11 o'clock. The shooting for both days reflects the good conditions.
On the evening of the first day, we all scrubbed up and wore our finest to attend a dinner at the Merchantman Pub in Charlottetown. We tried some new local beer, the food was great and the company was wonderful.


Wendy  Horton 300:
TR: Michael Lutes - 50V7; FTR: Adam MacDonald - 50V6
Sports Hall of Fame Member's Match 500:
TR: Marcel Kolb - 50V7; Ken Kyle: 50V6
Vesey's Seeds Ltd. Match 300:
TR: Marcel Kolb - 50V7; FTR: Bert deVink - 50V7
George J. Rogers Match 500/600:
TR: Marcel Kolb - 100V15; FTR: Adam MacDonald - 98V12
Jones Memorial Match 300/500/600:
TR: Barry Langille - 150V20; FTR: Bert deVink - 148V12
MacDonald/Stewart Match 500/600:
TR: Marcel Kolb - 100V12; FTR: Adam MacDonald - 100V11
The All-Comer's Aggregate:
TR: Marcel Kolb - 350V47; FTR: Adam MacDonald - 347V41

The Grand Aggregate - TR Shooters:
Marcel Kolb - 500V66
Michael Lutes - 498V58
John Marshall - 497V39
Barry Langille - 493V57
Conrad Leroux - 452V21
Glen Craig - 347V7
Myron Ling - 321V4 (DNC)

The Grand Aggregate - FTR Shooters:
Adam MacDonald - 494V52
Bert deVink - 487V43
Paul Bastarache - 487V37
Ken Kyle - 479V47
Al Mutch - 469V37

Gordon Holloway - 469V33
Jian Wu - 468V32
Mark Clarke - 433V15
Dale MacLeod - 429V23 (DNC)
Tyler Nichol - 43V1 (DNC)

You may view the complete results and picture gallery here: 
Back row L>R: Jian, Cole, Bert, Michael, Conrad, Marcel, Mark, Adam, Chuck
Front row L>R: John, Glenn, Dale, Paul, Ken, Gordon, Barry
Greetings from PEIRA - APM 2015. We hope to see you next year!

Friday, July 24, 2015


Congratulations go to our shooting friend FRANCIS BEZEAU, 
who won the following in Bisley 2015:

1.  NRA St-Georges Badge, 5e
2.  The Farquharson Badge, 5e
3. Times, Silver medal
4. Century Range Aggregate, Bronze medal
5. Stickledown Range, Bronze medal
6. The Corporation (City of London) bronze

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


The Annual Prize Meet of the Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association - Fullbore Section took place on July 18th and 19th, 2015. It was held at the Batouche Ranges on CFB Gagetown. Twenty shooters were in attendance with people coming from Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Two shooters did not complete the matches - one due to health issues and the other who volunteered in response to our need to have a full-time RO assistant on the mound to look after electronic scoring matters for each relay of shooters.

On Saturday, under grey skies with a threat of light rain we shot two ranges at 300m, 2 ranges at 500m and one range at 600m. In the morning, temperatures were a  bit cool
and in the teens but the winds were very light and mostly down range. By the afternoon, as temperatures warmed, the wind also picked up a bit and switched from side-to-side and predominantly down range. The 500 and 600 ranges proved very tricky for most shooters and the scores did reflect this difficulty. It definitely helped to be a seasoned wind reader! The wind was such that a shooter on the mound could not tell, from looking at the flags, if it came from a 4-5 o'clock direction or a 7-8 o'clock direction. It was equally hard to estimate the strength of the wind. Despite this condition,
some very good scores were recorded. The day was completed and everyone, (except for three poor souls who stayed to sort out scoring glitches), left the range to get
ready for the dinner at the Fredericton Inn.

The dinner was attended by almost all the shooters. We welcomed Leo's wife who noted that she was the only lady in the group! She seemed to have enjoyed this status. The dinner
and drinks were very good and the company was superb. Afterwards, Match Director Gordon Holloway, welcomed all, thanked all those who had worked for a good event, and honoured Leo d'Amour who has been shooting since 1949 and who has been a member of the RNBRA for well over 35 years. Leo, who is experiencing health related issues, may not be able to come to many more of the Annual Prize Meets. In honour of his long-time participation, the Fullbore Section will nominate him for life-member of the RNBRA.

The following day, Sunday, the Match Committee was called to rule on crossfires and missed scores. Scores remained as recorded on the firing line. The day began with us - not as bright eyed as the previous morning - shooting on the 600m range. This was followed by two 800m ranges and a final 900m range.

Temperatures remained about the same as the previous day but conditions improved with regard to the wind which was non-existent during most of today's shooting. Flags drooped down with only an occasional ruffle in the down-range and right to left direction. The wind became more of a factor at the 900m range but was still very benign. We began the day with a light mist hanging over the entire range and a light misty rain. This became more dense, to the point that TR shooters were having difficulty seeing the targets, (it was also hard for scope shooters to see lines on the target faces). TR shooters were given the option of not shooting the 900m range if it proved too difficult to see. Thankfully, the mist cleared a bit and they were able to finish the match.

After the last relay had finished shooting the whole group rallied to tear down the range, to sort through score cards and electronic marking results and all the other things that need to be done after a match. In record time these things were done and the match results were available to the shooters who eagerly scanned them to see where they stood! Then came the time for presenting the awards at the range building. Gordon, as Match Director; Mike as RNBRA President and Bert as Fullbore Chairman presented awards to many smiling shooters. Conrad was also able to award cash prizes at the range instead of having to mail them as in previous years. This year was the first in many years that we presented a plaque and cash award from the Alban Emery Prize Fund. Then came the time for sad goodbys to good friends and shooting colleagues and our resolutions to come to next year's APM. Oh yes - next weekend in the PEI - APM - see you all there.

Not all pictures taken at the APM matches and award presentations could be posted in this article and have been posted on line. To view a complete gallery of photos click here:  PHOTO GALLERY - RNBRA APM 2015

Below you will find a reporting of the most important matches and aggregates. There is not enough room to report every score for every shooter for every match. This information is available on line.


One of the results not often reported, are those shooters who did not lose any points in a particular match. As the "V" count may be less than maximum, this is not a "possible" but worthy of note nonetheless. Congratulations to the following shooters:

The John Gibson Memorial 300:                        The T. Eric Snow 300:

Marcel Kolb - 50V7 (TR)                                                      Ian Hogg - 35V5 (TR)
Mike Lutes - 50V5 (TR)                                                        Marcel Kolb - 35V4 (TR)
Matt Wolf - 50V7 (FTR)                                           Ron Mason - 35V3  (FTR)
Paul Bastarache - 50V4 (FTR)                                     Jian Wu - 35V2 (FTR)
Bert deVink - 50V4 (FTR)                                            Matt Wolf - 35V2 (FTR)
                                                                           Bert deVink - 35V2 (FTR)

The George Burge 500:                                      The Alban Emery 500:

Don Coleman - 50V7 (TR)                                             Marcel Kolb - 50V9 (TR)
Ian Hogg - 50V6 (TR)                                                       Marius deChamplain - 50V7 (FO)
Marcel Kolb - 50V2 (TR)

The Alban Emery 600:                                        The Al Lockett 600:

Don Coleman - 50V2 (TR)                                       Ian Hogg - 50V6 (TR)
                                                                           Marcel Kolb - 50V6 (TR)
                                                                           Jian Wu - 50V5 (FTR)
                                                                           Marius deChamplain - 50V5 (FO)

The Prince of Wales 800:                                   The Andy Gunther 800:

Marcel Kolb - 50V7 - (TR)                                      Marcel Kolb - 50V8 (TR)
Paul Bastarache - 50V7 (FTR)                                Matt Wolf - 50.5 (FTR)
Adam MacDonald - 50V5 (FTR)                              Jian Wu - 50V5 (FTR)
Armen Papasyan - 50V3 (FTR)                               Bert deVink - 50V4 (FTR)
Marius deChamplain - 50V6 (FO)                            Francis Cotton - 50V5 (FO)
Leo d'Amour - 50V5 (FO)                                        Marius deChamplain - 50V5 (FO)
Francis Cotton - 50V4 (FO)

The Governor General's 900:

Ian Hogg - 50V8 (TR)
Armen Papasyan - 50V1 (FTR)

The Prince of Wales Aggregate                                 The Alban Emery Aggregate
Marcel Kolb - 136V13                                                   Marcel Kolb - 99V11
Ian Hogg - 134V17                                                        Don Coleman - 99V4
Don Coleman - 131V12                                                 Ian Hogg - 96V8
Chuck Bachmanek - 117V4                                           Chuck Bachmanek - 90V6

The Governor General's Aggregate                           The MacDonald/Stewart Agg.
Ian Hogg - 150V22                                                        Marcel Kolb - 384V45
Marcel Kolb - 149V20                                                   Ian Hogg - 379V43
Don Coleman - 147V18                                                 Don Coleman - 378V36
Chuck Bachmanek - 142V8                                           Chuck Bachmanek - 362V17

The Parker-Hale 500/600 Aggregate                           The DCRA Agg. (All Shots)
Marcel Kolb - 199V19                                                    Marcel Kolb - 433V51
Don Coleman - 198V20                                                  Ian Hogg - 429V51
Ian Hogg - 196V20                                                         Don Coleman - 426V39
Chuck Bachmanek - 183V8                                            Chuck Bachmanek - 398V19

The Moe Norman 800/900 Aggregate                          The MacGillivray Memorial Agg.
Marcel Kolb - 149V21                                                    Ian Hogg - 100V17
Ian Hogg - 149V20                                                         Marcel Kolb - 99V14
Don Coleman - 145V11                                                  Don Coleman - 98V9
Chuck Bachmanek -134V9                                             Chuck Bachmanek - 94V5

The Prince of Wales Aggregate                                  The Alban Emery Aggregate
Armen Papasyan - 132V11                                            Conrad Leroux - 96V2
Adam MacDonald - 132V10                                            Ken Kyles - 93V8
Ron Mason - 131V10                                                     Adam MacDonald - 90V7
Matt Wolf - 130V13                                                        Paul Bastarache - 90V4
Ken Kyles - 129V11                                                       Ron Mason - 88V5
Bert deVink - 129V8                                                       Jian Wu - 88V3
Paul Bastarache - 128V12                                              Bert deVink - 88V3
Jian Wu - 128V10                                                          Armen Papasyan - 87V6
Conrad Leroux - 125V10                                                 Matt Wolf - 86V5
Harrison Brown - 125V2                                                  Dale MacLeod - 86V6
Gord Holloway - 118V5                                                   Harrison Brown - 80V3
Dale MacLeod - 114V4                                                   Gord Holloway - 77V2

The Governor General's Aggregate                             The MacDonald/Stewart Agg.
Armen Papasyan - 147V9                                               Jian Wu - 365V26
Bert deVink - 145V13                                                      Paul Bastarache - 365V25
Paul Bastarache - 145V9                                                 Bert deVink - 365V24
Ken Kyles - 143V9                                                          Armen Papasyan - 364V28
Matt Wolf - 142V11                                                         Matt Wolf - 363V35
Jian Wu - 142V10                                                           Ken Kyles - 362V28
Ron Mason - 140V12                                                       Adam MacDonald - 360V27
Harrison Brown - 140V6                                                   Ron Mason - 360V27
Adam MacDonald - 139V8                                               Conrad Leroux - 360V22
Gord Holloway - 138V8                                                    Harrison Brown - 343V12
Conrad Leroux - 135V8                                                    Dale MacLeod - 336V22
Dale MacLeod - 131V11                                                  Gord Holloway - 329V13

The Parker-Hale 500/600 Agg.                                      The DCRA (All Shots) Agg.
Ken Kyles - 188V16                                                        Armen Papasyan - 414V29
Conrad Leroux - 188V8                                                    Paul Bastarache - 413V29
Armen Papasyan - 186V18                                              Bert deVink - 412V28
Ron Mason - 183V14                                                       Ken Kyles - 411V31
Paul Bastarache - 183V9                                                 Matt Wolf - 408V36
Adam MacDonald - 182V12                                              Adam MacDonald - 408V28                   
Jian  Wu - 182V10                                                           Jian Wu - 407V26
Bert deVink - 181V10                                                       Ron Mason - 406V30
Matt wolf - 179V15                                                           Conrad Leroux - 403V24
Harrison Brown - 174V7                                                    Harrison Brown - 389V13
Dale MacLeod - 167V10                                                   Dale MacLeod - 379V25
Gord Holloway - 164V6                                                    Gord Holloway - 377V15

The Moe Norman 800/900 Agg.                                     The MacGillivray Aggregate
Armen Papsyan - 148V7                                                  Armen Papasyan - 98V4
Paul Bastarache - 147V14                                                Bert deVink - 97V8
Bert deVink - 146V12                                                       Paul Bastarache - 97V7
Adam MacDonald - 146V10                                              Ken Kyles - 96V6
Ken Kyles - 145V11                                                         Adam MacDonald - 96V5
Matt Wolf - 144V12                                                          Matt Wolf - 95V6
Jian Wu - 141V11                                                            Gord Holloway - 93V5
Ron Mason - 141V10                                                        Harrison Brown - 93V3
Gord Holloway - 139V7                                                     Ron Mason - 92V6
Harrison - 137V4                                                              Jian Wu - 92V5
Conrad Leroux - 135V10                                                   Conrad Leroux - 90V6
Dale MacLeod - 133V10                                                   Dale MacLeod - 87V7

The Prince of Wales Aggregate                                   The Alban Emery Aggregate
Leo d'Amour - 133V13                                                     Francis Cotton - 96V11
Francis Cotton - 130V8                                                   Marius deChamplain - 96V9
Marius deChamplain - 129V11                                         Leo d'Amour - 90V4

The Governor General's Aggregate                             The MacDonald/Stewart Agg.
Marius deChamplain - 148V12                                         Marius deChamplain - 374V36
Francis Cotton - 144V12                                                 Francis Cotton - 373V35                    
Leo d'Amour - 92V6  (DNC)                                             Leo d'Amour - 363V26

The Parker-Hale 500/600 Aggregate                             The DCRA Agg. (All Shots)
Francis Cotton - 193V19                                                  Marius deChamplain - 422V38
Marius deChamplain - 190V16                                          Francis Cotton - 418V36\
Leo d'Amour - 185V12                                                     Leo d'Amour - 363V26

The Moe Norman 800/900 Aggregate                            The MacGillivray Aggregate
Marius deChamplain - 148V13                                          Marius deChamplain - 98V7
Francis Cotton - 145V10                                                  Francis Cotton - 95V6
Leo d'Amour - 96V8 (DNC)                                               Leo d'Amour - 46V3 (DNC)

The Alban Emery Aggregate - George Cook - 47V3
The Governor General's Aggregate - George Cook - 88V2
The MacDonald/Stewart Aggregate - George Cook - 136V6
The Parker-Hale 500/600 Aggregate - George Cook - 47V3
The DCRA Aggregate - George Cook - 174V7
The Moe Norman 800/900 Aggregate - George Cook - 88V2
The MacGillivray Aggregate - George Cook - 88V2

Monday, July 20, 2015


DEDICATION of Annual Prize Meet 2015 to LEO d'AMOUR

The APM of 2015 is dedicated to Leo d'Amour from Laval, Quebec with the applause of all fullbore shooters in New Brunswick and the competitors at this year's APM. Leo has been a member of the RNBRA Fullbore Section for more than 35 years and has been a strong and faithful competitor in our APM for many of those years. Now, due to failing health, he is not at all certain he can continue to come to New Brunswick but states he will take one day at a time. The Fullbore Section is honoured to dedicate this APM to Leo and to nominate him for life membership in the RNBRA.

This from a web article: "For many rifle shooters the ultimate goal is perfection at long range. After years of rifle shooting my personal expertise ends at about 300 yards. After which my accuracy takes a drastic dive for the worst. Mr Leo D'Amour however smiles when I talk about distances of 300 yards. His expertise is perfection, at the ultimate 1000-yard mark. Mr.Leo D'Amour started competitive shooting in 1960. In 1971 he made the Canadian National Team. Years of practice and dedication to the sport have earned him the title of Master Shooter in Canada and High Master in the USA. This is the ultimate goal of many target shooters young and old. 
"At 73 years of age it is the only sport that I can still kick a young guys butt", jokes Mr D'amour, with his usual friendly smile. In fact once again he has shown his marksmanship in wining the first time ever "F" Class World Championship shooting at a distance of 900 meters. "I have to use a scope now", says Mr. D'Amour with a smile. "I am not young as I used to be". The F Class competition is a class of long range international shooting, which allows the use of a scope on the rifle.

Mr Leo D'Amour has earned the respect of all international shooters, representing Canada, in countries like, Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, and the USA, taking home many trophies as proof of his expertise. Among his achievements he is a former president of the PQRA, as well as coach for the Canadian Palma and Bisley Team.
It is an honor for us at CTVSP to say that Mr. Leo D'Amour is a member at our range."


Many thanks go to Gordon Holloway, Vice-Chairman of the RNBRA Fullbore Section for all his hard work, even while in Australia, and excellent direction of the organizing committee. Thanks also are due to Don Coleman, Mike Lutes, Bert deVink, Conrad Leroux and Adam MacDonald.


Our thanks go to Marcel Kolb from Nova Scotia, Leo d'Amour from Quebec and Chuck Bachmanek from Prince Edward Island, for lending their expertise and sound judgement to several situations that required both to resolve. The Committee strongly recommends that methods be developed to resolve crossfire and other issues related to the e-target system before shooters sign their cards and leave the mound. If after-the-fact analysis of all shots are to be used to resolve crossfires etc. shooters should be aware of this rule before the match begins.

Without fulltime Range officers an event like the APM cannot be held. Our thanks go to Mike Lutes and Conrad Leroux on Saturday, and Steven Stewart and Mike Lutes on Sunday,  for their excellent work as Range Officers. A job that can be both thankless and stressful. We especially thank Mike for stepping in where he saw a need for fulltime assistance - thereby giving up shooting this match.

                                                          THANKS TO THE E-TARGET SUPPORT GUYS

Our thanks also go to Adam MacDonald and Brandon Ogon for doing the myriad little things on computers and tablets to solve difficulties, to record shots and scores and to trace shots to try to resolve crossfires etc. We, who can only follow a trail of breadcrumbs and are lost when they disappear, marvel at the stuff they can do to keep us shooting - even when we have, with ignorant fingers pressed many wrong buttons and have royally mixed things up! 


The APM is about the shooters and having fun together in competition over 2 days.
Shooters came from far and wide - Quebec, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island to join us and support Fullbore shooting in New Brunswick. Many thanks for coming out.
Shooters also came from all over New Brunswick - from the Bouctouche area, from Moncton, Sussex, Saint John, Grand Manan Island, Fredericton and points in between .  .  .  .  .  and YES we had fun! Us older fellas even shot not too too badly but the newer shooters are sure nipping on our heels! One thing is sure - we keep learning new stuff every time we come out and this can only happen when we rub elbows with other good people dedicated to this wonderful sport.

Monday, July 13, 2015


Left: J.C. Gautreau, Right: Michael Lutes
Mike Lutes - 224V13
Ron Surrete - 217V16
Conrad Leroux - 207V13


J.C. Gautreau - 219X12
Paul Bastarache - 216X19
Maurice Bennett - 216X13
Adam MacDonald - 215X18
Ron Mason - 210X8
Bert deVink - 209X12
Ken Kyles - 206X11
Harrison Brown - 185X6