Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This year the mini Palma was held in Nashua, New Hampshire On September 15, 2012. It is a custom that the Mini Palma rotates between an Atlantic Provinces and a New England venue annually - so next year it will be in Canada again.

(above pictures thanks to Michelle Cormier)

Based on the pictures see here more pictures of the event, (thanks Jim Hahn) , and the reports, a very good time was had this year by all participants. Our American colleagues put on a terrific event and hosted a wonderful dinner as well.
Here are the results (part of this was borrowed from Jim Hahn who did a similar write up). Jim says that it rained for a while prior to beginning the match and then it turned sunny for the entire event. Light winds increased to fishtailing strong winds during the second match and became light again for match three. Although the Maritime Provinces shooters began the match with a good lead, by the end of the match three, New England shooters had won.
New England scored 5908.267 and the Maritime Provinces 5875.248
Many thanks to John Marshall for his able organization and captaincy before and during this event. Congratulations to Ray Smeltzer who had the High Individual Score.


          TR Class:       Ray Smeltzer           598.30
                               Jeff Jenkins               590.24
                               Daniel Chisholm        584.26
                               Mike Lutes                584.18
                               Michelle Cormier        582.18
                               Mitch MacLeod          573.14
        FTR Class:     Al Mutch                    598.39
                              Leo D'Amour              597.36
                              Conrad Leroux            594.25
        Captain and Coach:   John Marshall

Many Thanks to Jim Hahn and the other New England hosts for their time and effort in hosting this match. Also thanks to Berger Bullets for their support and prizes.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Saturday, September 8, 2012 we ran the second fullbore match of the year at Springfield. This is the Springfield Long Range Challenge and BBQ and is sanctioned by RNBRA Fullbore Section.  This was the last scheduled fullbore match of the 2012 season.
Firstly, many thanks to John Holleran for his work to make this match a success -  both in organizing the match and in learning to use the electronic scoring system.  Six shooters, all FTR, attended with the following results:

Name                                                      500m     600m     800m      900m       Grand Agg.

Bob Kierstead                                       50.8       50.7        50.6         48.3           198.24
Paul McIlveen                                       50.6       49.7        50.7         48.5           197.25
Jeff Seely                                              49.6       49.4        49.5         48.3           195.18
Brian Doherty                                        50.8       50.5        48.4         33.3           181.20
John Holleran                                       50.9       50.6        48.4          ----             148.19
Andre Charlebois                                  45.1       43.3        37.1          23.1           148.06

Match name: Springfield Long Range BBQ (PLEASE NOTE:  the BBQ portion has been cancelled)
Date: Saturday,  September 8, 2012
Time: registration 09:30, first shot downrange 10:00
Cost: $20
Course of fire: (total 48 rounds for the day)

500m - 2 convertible sighters and 10 rounds on score
600m - 2 convertible sighters and 10 rounds on score
800m - 2 convertible sighters and 10 rounds on score
900m - 2 convertible sighters and 10 rounds on score

Targets: standard DCRA 500m/600m and Long Range targets.  Note that electronic targets will be used; a sighted-in rifle is mandatory.  Please bring a tablet/smartphone etc if you have one.

Classes of Rifles: all regular RNBRA classes will be accommodated; new classes will be added if attendance permits
TR - iron sighted target rifle, jacket and sling, .223 or .308
MTR - .223 or .308, any sights, bipods permitted, no rear rest permitted
F-Open - any calibre, any sight, any means of front and rear support
F-TR - .223 or .308, bipod, any sight, any rear support

Prizes: RNBA Fullbore medals will be awarded to the winner of any class that has two or more shooters

Match Director: John Holleran - RSVP to  "John Holleran" <mrfixit@nbnet.nb.ca>

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Monday, September 3, 2012


The Atlantic Championships was held on September 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2012 in
 New Brunswick at the Batouche Range on Base Gagetown.
The Atlantic Championships this year were very well organized by Daniel Chisholm with the help of John Holleran. Conrad Leroux did an excellent job of record keeping, bookkeeping and statistics. Thanks to all those who helped out and who worked behind the scenes to make this a very successful event. Twenty two shooters were in attendance from all three Maritime Provinces and also from "La Belle Province". Our thanks to the shooters who travelled from a distance and who added to the success of this event.
The weather also contributed in that we had two days of perfect shooting weather and only one range with some rain on Sunday.
Conrad has prepared a detailed spreadsheet of results which are available here
A summary of results follow below:
Winners of the Overall Aggregate:   TR - Ray Smeltzer 595.63  
(HPS=600.120TR, 720FClass)           FTR -  Andrew Webber 689
                                                        FO - Leo d'Amour 698

Winners of the Lady Slipper Match:   TR - Ray Smeltzer 148.16
(HPS=150.30TR, 180FClass)              FTR - Andrew Webber - 169
                                                          FO - Leo d'Amour - 170

Winners of the Blue Nose Match:   TR - Daniel Chisholm - 150.19
(HPS=150.30TR, 180 FClass)         FTR - Paul Bastarache - 174
                                                      FO - Bert deVink - 177

Winners of the Herring Choker Match:  TR - Barry Langille - 149.20
(HPS=150.30TR, 180 FClass)                 FTR - Andrew Webber - 174
                                                              FO - Leo d'Amour - 178

Winners of the Down-East Match:  TR - Ray Smeltzer - 149.17
(HPS=150.30TR, 180 FClass)        FTR - Andrew Webber - 172
                                                     FO - Leo d'Amour - 177

DIRECTIONS: Enter Base Main Gate at Lawrence and Broad Road (Route 660); then second  right; continue to Range Control Gate; register with Range Control, (you'll need Driver's License and Registration), and get directions to Batouche Range.

MATCH FEES: Normal fee $100, $50 for juniors under 21

MATCH DIRECTOR: Daniel Chisholm dmc@danielchisholm.com
MATCH CONDITIONS: Basic rules for this event were discussed during the Fullbore Meeting in November of 2011. A link to this meeting is:   Maritime Fullbore Meeting - 2011

MINI-PALMA TEAM SELECTION: Based on the results of the Atlantic Championships, a 10 shooter team of 7 TR and 3 F-Class shooters will be selected. This team will represent Atlantic Canada at the September 15th Mini-Palma match against a team from New England in Nashua, New Hampshire (map link).

Saturday, September 1, 2012 (Registration at 12:00 noon; Shooting starts at 1:00)
          Lady Slipper - 300m - 2 practice, 2 conv. sighters, 10 shots on score
          Lady Slipper - 500m - 2 conv. sighters, 10 shots on score
          Lady Slipper - 600m - 2 conv. sighters, 10 shots on score

Sunday, September 2, 2012   (Shooting starts at 8:30am)
          Blue Nose - 300m - 2 conv. sighters, 10 shots on score
          Blue Nose - 500m - 2 conv. sighters, 10 shots on score
          Blue Nose - 600m - 2 conv. sighters, 10 shots on score

          Herring Choker - 300m - 2 conv. sighters, 10 shots on score
          Herring Choker - 500m - 2 conv. sighters, 10 shots on score
          Herring Choker - 600m - 2 conv. sighters, 10 shots on score

Monday, September4 3, 2012  (Shooting starts at 8:30am)
          Down East - 800m - 2 conv. sighters, 15 shots on score
          Down East - 900m - 2 conv. sighters, 15 shots on score
         (Award presentations on range)

1.   Registration is on Saturday, September 1st at 12:00 noon sharp and the first shot 
       down range will  be at 1:00 pm.
2.   The first match of each following day begins at 8:30am. Please be on time for each
       relay after that.
3.   Except when shooting, rifles will have a safety flag inserted into the breach or
      will have the bolt removed.
4.   Prior to removing a rifle from the shooting mound it must be cleared by your
      shooting partner and then by the Range Officer and a flag inserted.
5.   The following classes will be formed if there are three or more entries in that class:
       TR, F/TR(includes M/TR), F/O
6.   Squadding will be at the discretion of the Range Officer and just prior to firing any match.
      "Filling in" with shooters from following relays is also at his/her discretion.
7.   You will need a minimum of 142 rounds to shoot the Atlantic Championships.
8.   At the first match of the first day only, 2 practice shots are allowed. After that all relays   
      begin with 2 sighters and then the shots on score.
9.   Trophy and prize presentations will be at the range after the match has been concluded.   
10.  IMPORTANT: Please click on PROGRAM for further details

WEATHER OUTLOOK: (as of Friday Evening)
Saturday - sunny/cloudy periods; high 23; Pop 20%; wind N 10km/h
Sunday - sunny/cloudy periods; high 22; isolated showers, Pop 40%; wind S 10km/hr
Monday - sunny/cloudy periods; high 24; Pop 20%; wind W 5km/hr

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