Sunday, June 2, 2013



Today was a terrific day for shooting in New Brunswick. The temperature in the morning was a bit cool and gradually warmed up to about 25 C. The sky was lightly overcast and gradually became blue with occasional clouds. 
 The wind was very light at 5-10 k/h and dropped off to none at all during the middle relay. Even the black flies cooperated - there were some but no-one was carried off to the woods.
The Match Director today was Michelle C. while Ron S. and Michelle C. were the ROs for the match. Daniel C. was kept busy scoring and helping the shooters with the e - tablets. Thanks to each for your work in making this shoot possible. 
Today the entire match was scored using Daniel C.'s electronic scoring system. It sure made the shoot easier and at times much more rapid. Some of us had some problems with the tablets/readers but hopefully with enough practice we'll work out the gliches and get better at using them.

Fifteen shooters attended the match - needless to say all had a lot of fun today. Prizes for this match were bullets donated by Sierra - the Bullet Smiths. Our thanks for this annual support.


TR Class:         Daniel C. - 572
                        Ron S. - 571
                        Don C. - 569
                        Michelle C. - 565
                        Edgar P. - 540
                        Michael L. - DNC

 FTR Class:      Brian D. - 594 (shot MTR)
                        Paul McI. - 593
                        Wayne K. - 591
                        John H. - 591
                        Francis B. - 588
                        Conrad L. - 576
                        Ash P. - 576

FO Class:         Bert deV. - 600
                        Paul B. - 596

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