Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Team selection for the Mini-Palma Match will be a bit different this year from previous years. The Minutes of the Atlantic High Power Rifle Committee from the Meeting of November 25, 2012 recorded the following discussion and resolution which was adopted:

"Re. the Mini Palma Match:

1.   John Marshall will be the Atlantic Canadian team coordinator in 2013.
2.   F-Class competitors can only use .308 or .223 cal. rifles.
3.   There was lengthy discussion around the selection of the Mini-Palma team. Most people want the team selected sooner than the Atlantic Championships. It was decided that the top 5 TR shooters and the top 2 F-Class shooters from the Inter-Maritime and British Team matches will be offered positions first; then the Team Coordinator will select the remaining team members to fill the 7 and 3 TR and F-Class team positions respectively.
4.   RNBRA will host the 2013 Mini Palma match at Springfield Range with four electronic targets (backup plan is Gagetown).
5.   Course of fire will be 2 & 15 at 800m, 900m & 900m."

Based on this resolution, the Maritime Mini-Palma Team includes the following shooters who have been selected from the 2013 Inter-Maritime and British Team Matches:  

  • the coordinator/captain is John Marshall
  • the TR members of the team are Barry Langille, Daniel Chisholm, Don Coleman, Marcel Kolb, and John Marshall
  • the FTR members of the team are Bert deVink and Paul Bastarache
The coordinator will be selecting an additional 2 TR shooters and 1 more FTR shooter some time prior to the Mini Palma Match.

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