Saturday, September 7, 2013

07-09-2013 All COMERS Match at SPRINGFIELD - RESULTS

Seven lucky shooters made it to the All Comers Match at the Springfield Ranges today. This was the last scheduled match of the Fullbore season and it was a beautiful day with frequent sun peeking through the cloud cover. Although it was a bit cool in the morning it quickly warmed up and became a warm, clear day perfect for enjoying shooting. Temperatures were around 15 C and the winds were mostly down range during the 300M match. At 500 M they died down with only a few gusts while at the 600M they were a bit more steady from the right and down range. The Match Director and RSO today was John Holleran. We used the electronic scoring system provided by Daniel Chisholm. Everything ran very smoothly without any glitches.

Daniel Chisholm - 149V21

Bert deVink - 150V28
Mike Lutes - 150V25
Moe Bennett - 150V22
Francis Bezeau - 150V21
John Holleran - 148V25
Gord Holloway - 148V11

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