Friday, May 10, 2013


It has been 3 years on May 10th that Daniel Chisholm started this web-site/blog as an aide to communication among Fullbore shooters in New Brunswick. Thanks Daniel - I don't know what you had in mind at the time but hope that the blog is doing all it was intended to do.
Since the beginning, lots of interesting things have been posted and the blog has become a running history of Fullbore shooting in New Brunswick as well as a place to find information, schedules and links to other sites related to the shooting we do. We post brief results of our matches and some pictures of our shooters in and out of action - all in good fun! We also try to post results of matches in our sister provinces and on the national level.
The blog has generated some interest in Canada, the USA and several other countries around the world. Here are some statistics about the number of times the blog was read by people in other countries - (total = 9640 "pageviews"):

"The future of Fullbore Shooting in New Brunswick?"
Canada - 7585                United States- 970
Russia - 405                   Germany - 205
United Kingdom - 61        France - 42 
Latvia - 28                       Taiwan - 24
Australia - 17                  China - 16
India - 15                        Ukraine - 7
Romania - 4                    Phillipines - 4
Italy - 4                           Georgia - 3
Turkey - 3                       Hungary - 2
Poland - 2                       Thailand - 2
Nigeria - 2                       Japan - 2
Portugal - 1                     Sweden - 1
Spain - 1                         Ireland - 1

The most popular and most read posts have been the Annual Provincial Prize Meets for the Maritime Provinces with PEIRA leading the pack with the most "hits". The RNBRA and NSRA follow close behind. Readers have also been very interested in the Inter-Maritime and British Team Match posts, the World F-Class announcements and then in a variety of specific matches.
In the next 3 years we hope to have 3 times as much fun shooting and many more shooters enjoying our sport - a main goal should be to bring young shooters into the sport. We, given the apparent attitude of the general public toward firearms and shooting sports, also need to visibly re-affirm our sport as the honourable discipline it has always been and as a good place for our youth to be.  
We hope for many more members/followers to sign up on the blog and also that readers will use the "comment" section and make the blog more interactive.
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