Tuesday, November 18, 2014



I trust everyone is almost prepared for winter. You know what I'm talking about - the many little jobs that seem to take so much of our time this time of year. For many of us as we prepare for winter we are also trying to get in some hunting. 

Unfortunately, Deer and Moose season fall in busy times for RNBRA Board members as this time of year is generally occupied with shooting program business. 

Several friends have mentioned the Black Friday shopping that is fast approaching, they are hopeful they will accomplish their Christmas shopping early. 

Seems that everyone is busy and getting busier. What is happening to us? As we try to make our way in our lives our society seems bent on trying to increase our production by increasing our workload. Right or not, people generally want more (material things), today than our parents wanted - we are not lazy and we generally are willing to work more to get more. I've always enjoyed the toys and the perks that come with a fortunate life, but I have come to understand 

that in our drive to get "ahead" we are damaging our community. 

Our Association as well as many of our clubs have a difficult time recruiting people with the time to commit to organize and run things. These shortages of people can lead to burnout and other problems in administration - ( many hands make light work). Most of us joined because we enjoy shooting and that is what we want to do with our limited leisure time. We are fortunate that many good people do commit substantial amounts of time to develop and administer facilities and programs. It is important that we do not sit back and assume that one of our workhorses (you know the people who see things that need to be done, and do them), will do the job. We must demonstrate interest and support to these people as much as possible. Without demonstrated interest and support these folks often feel they are rowing the boat alone and 

must make the direction decisions without help. This can and does lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding which waste resources and energy. 

So the point I'm rambling about is:  PLEASE USE AND ENJOY ALL THE PROGRAMS AND FACILITIES THAT HAVE BEEN DEVELOPED BY OUR SHOOTING COMMUNITY, then consider if you can find a few hours to help move it on. Many of us are presently fully committed but the least we can do is say 'thank you' to the people that are currently doing the work. 

On another topic related to our enjoyment of our sport. It has become more and more common to hear of personality conflict and argument on the range and at other related events. I am the first one to promote vigorous discussion and, as shooters are strong independent people, this is to be expected and encouraged at the proper time and place. 

LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR, PERSONAL ATTACKS OF ANY KIND WILL BE STRONGLY DISCOURAGED IN THE RNBRA. Our conduct must be above reproach at all times. Our sport is not hockey where loss of emotional control is accepted and, some would argue, condoned. We must always be responsible people and those who cannot or will not learn to control their emotions have no place on the shooting range. That being said we are all human and subject 

to changing stresses in our lives which can challenge our emotional calm - that means you need more time on the range. It's pretty simple - come shooting to have a good time and to help others do the same. We are all friends on the range, come to the meetings to argue and after the vote we will go shooting as friends. 

Michael Lutes 

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