Saturday, January 17, 2015


Hello Fellow Northerners; 
I hope you are enjoying time on the range with no flies. For those who are in more temperate areas you don't know what you’re missing.

One quick request before the update. It's the New Year and your membership is due. If you haven't yet had a chance, go to and print off the applicable membership form then fill it out and get it in the mail. You'll have it done, the people that process it will thank you and you will avoid the late charge on individual memberships. (New this year). I know everyone understands this is the time to get as much of the administration work done as possible. As you know the RNBRA buys insurance for all regular members and it runs from April 1st till March 31 which is our fiscal year. Renewing your membership now will cut down on the administration and cost associated with late renewal.

I'm pleased to tell you that we have a strong Canada Games Airgun Team and things are really spooling up for them in preparation for the Games this February in BC. Our team has been developed and trained by people who have over and over demonstrated their commitment to youth and to the RNBRA.

I'd also like to commend all the parents who have recognized and supported the potential in all these young athletes. I look forward to these young people enjoying a long career in competitive shooting sports and there are young, committed shooters coming up fast on their heels. All these young people can go forward with pride and will contribute greatly to our society. Airgun shooting has much potential for further development in NB and shooters - junior and senior - can participate from their basement, garage or community hall all the way to Olympic level.

In a little older age group we have three long range target rifle shooters named to various Canadian National Teams and they will compete for Canada internationally this summer.

It's going to be an exciting year for competitive shooting in NB with the Fullbore program already developed and others in the works.

As you are aware, the RNBRA has a distinguished history in competitive shooting but the board recognizes that most shooters in our affiliated clubs have little opportunity or desire to participate in " high end " competition.

We recently sent a letter to our affiliated clubs asking if they would participate in a meeting/discussion about what programs the RNBRA could offer and what it would take to make them happen. We've had enthusiastic response from several clubs but overall the response has been limited. We understand that face to face meetings are expensive, time consuming and difficult to commit to without a definite goal in mind so, in absence of more interest, we will look for other ways to start the discussions.

The Board recognizes the need for long range planning and would like to have input from the shooters who make up the majority of our community so we will be trying to engage our affiliated clubs/members perhaps with something like a questionnaire. Our belief is that in order for our shooting community to prosper we must work together to organize, coordinate, promote and support all types of shooting sports.

That's what we are doing and as always we look forward to your questions, comments and suggestions.

Good shooting,
Michael Lutes
President RNBRA

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