Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Saturday, October 20, 2018 - Rain Date

Sunday, October 21, 2018 - Long Range Steel Challenge - CoF: TBD
                                            E2 - at Enniskillen - MD: Mark McMullen

Sunday, October 21, 2018 - Atlantic Highpower/ Fullbore Planning Meeting
                                            AMHERST, NS

Sunday, October 28, 2018 - Fullbore Section AGM SUSSEX, NB


GUN SHOW DATES - 2018 - click here: GUN SHOW DATES
>> The Irishtown gunshow (cancelled) will take place in Grande Digue on May 12/13 with setup on the 11th . 
Its in the local community center Tables can be booked by calling Earl at 383 9579 
Earl McGee - Gun show for this Year - Grande-Digue Community Center, Route 468, Civic # 530
>> Fredericton - O'Dell Gun Show

Contact and Insurance Information:

Here are some FULLBORE SECTION CONTACTS - Match Directors are on the shooting schedule:
Chairman:  Adam MacDonald -
Vice-Chairman: Mark McMullen -
Treasurer: Ken Kyle:
Secretary: Don  
Blog Editor: Bert deVink -     

Here are some Nova Scotia (NSRA) FULLBORE CONTACTS  
NSRA Fullbore TR/FTR Rifle Section Chairman - Marcel Kolb
NSRA/Fullbore/TR/FTR Co-Chairman - Sonny Desrosiers
Further contact information can be found here

Here is the Prince Edward Island (PEIRA) FULLBORE CONTACT
Chuck Bachmanek -

FYI: Shooting Insurance - 
We have been advised by our liaison person with the RNBRA that we will be covered in 2017 by the NFA Insurance for all RNBRA sanctioned shooting activities. Mike informs us that the rules for guests and uninsured shooters have changed: 
"With regards to guests: we have been informed by our insurers that we must supply them with addresses of guests and give them the information asap."

FURTHER RE: Shooting Insurance - 
I'd like to thank Shelley for getting this done. Coordinating the insurance is an important and time consuming job that involves primarily our Treasurer and our Membership Secretary but also everyone who is responsible for conducting RNBRA events, (that includes matches identified in our funding request as being part of an RNBRA program). Match directors, RO course providers, clinic teachers all need to be prepared to record the info required and forward to our Treasurer and Membership Secretary as required. A list of current members is available from our Membership Secretary.

All regular and life RNBRA members are insured once their membership is processed and the $15.00 + their name and address is on the way to the NFA. New memberships are processed at the end of the month as time permits - so buying a membership today does not give you insurance until  the membership is processed.

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