Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Today's match was a mixture of practice and testing the relay format for the Easterns F-Class Championships. We had a reduced match fee of $10. We used dedicated scorekeepers and the ShotMarker e-target configured to only show one shot at a time, which will be used for the Easterns. This system worked very well and we think the Easterns should go smoothly with this scorekeeping method.
Special thanks to Jesse MacArthur who came to learn the ropes in preparation to be the e-target helper at the Easterns.
There was some difficult wind and no mirage to read at all. It was an incredibly clear picture, with the cool weather, clouds, and wind to keep mirage away. In general, we were happy with waterlines but couldn't help shooting 3's and 4's on the more challenging ICFRA target with only the flags to go on.
We each fired two strings on score, and then some extra shooting afterwards. Here are the attendees:

F-Class Shooters:
Gord Holloway - 47-2, 50-2
Adam MacDonald - 44-2, 49-1
Harrison Brown - 49-1, 40-1
Roly Trainor - 44-2, 32-0
Steven Stewart (no scorecard)
Matt Wolf (did not shoot)
Ken Kyle (no scorecard)

TR Shooters:
Don Coleman 48-4, 45-2
Ken Geddes (no scorecard)

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