Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fullbore Season Opener this weekend

The 2012 RNBRA Fullbore season starts at 09:00 this Saturday-5-May, at Springfield Range (google maps link), with a joint FRSA(Springfield)-RNBRA Fullbore "300m Sight-in, Practice and Circle Training".  This is our first event of the year, it is the first time an RNBRA Fullbore event has been fired at Springfield, and it is the first RNBRA event that will be run on electronic targets.

Being a joint event, it is open both to FRSA members and to RNBRA Fullbore Section members (and as always, RNBRA Fullbore Section welcomes new shooters to come out and fire as a guest once or twice).  The fee for this event is $10, it is a training/practice event and no prizes or medals will be awarded (regular RNBRA Fullbore match fee is $20).

We will run an introductory-level "Circle Training" session for those who are interested in shooting in this format.  Other shooters may fire practice (and coaching/helping is permitted/encouraged).

We will fire 300m from 09:00 until about 1:00pm.  At that point the event will be officially over, but we will move back to 600m and anyone who wants to stick around and do some more shooting at 600 is of course welcome to do so.

If you are thinking of attending, it would be most helpful if you could RSVP to me and let me know you're planning to come.  At this point I am not sure if we will have only one electronic target (in which case things will be a bit tight/busy) or if we'll be able to have two running.

** SAT-AM UPDATE 05:45 ** It's a GO.  There's a bit of very light drizzle, and a couple of mm forecast for the morning; won't be a spectacular day weatherwise, but more-than-good-enough to shoot in.  Bring a raincoat and a warm lunch!

**UPDATE 1 ** 25-30 rounds will probably suffice for the 300m shooting; if you bring 50 rounds you'll have more than enough for the whole day.

** UPDATE 2 ** The weatherman is calling for "2-4mm" of rain tomorrow - so at this point it looks like we're *ON*, though it won't be as much fun as a nice sunny day would have been.  Bring a raincoat and rainpants, and a shooting mat if you have one.

There will only be one electronic target in operation for this match, so the target will be very full for the day; lots of good opportunity to chat (or, warm-up / dry-up!!)

Do check this blog on Saturday morning just before you head for the range, in case there is a last minute cancellation.

REPORT: We had 11 shooters turn out for this event, coming from as far away as Moncton.  The weather turned out OK, with a bit of a very light drizzle that would come and go.  We fired 140 rounds at 300m, and when everybody had their fill we moved  back to 600m and fired another 250 rounds.  Shooting on the electronic target made for a pretty leisurely day.

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