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The Annual meeting of the RNBRA - Fullbore Section was held on Sunday, December 16, 2012 at the Blue Bird Motel in Sussex. The following members were present :
Daniel Chisholm, Don Coleman, Wayde Clifford, Bert deVink, Brian Doherty, John Holleran, Conrad  Leroux, Michael Lutes, Ron Mason, Paul McIlveen, Tom Nowlan, John Stamp,  Steven Stewart, Ron Surette.
The chairperson for the meeting was Daniel Chisholm and the recording secretary was Bert deVink. The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am. The agenda was as follows:

1.      Treasurer's Report
2.       Insurance
3.       Mandatory Membership to DCRA
4.       Electronic Targets
5.       Match Fees, Budgets, Awards
6.       Nomination and Election of Officers
7.       Batouche - DRSOs
8.       First Aid Courses
9.       Trophy Book, Blazer Crests         
10.     Membership List
11.     Pre-registration For RNBRA Fullbore Section APM
12.     2013 Shooting and Match Schedule

1.     Treasurer's Report  -
Moved by Conrad Leroux/ 2nd by Ron Mason/  report adopted
Treasurer Conrad Leroux reported that from May 8, 2010 to December 9, 2012 (the period of time he has been treasurer) revenue has been $12,616.43 and disbursements have been $10,884.29  He presented a detailed and itemized financial report. At present we have a net worth of $2,820.49 plus an as-yet-to-be-determined amount in trust with the RNBRA. This amount does not include range equipment and inventory.

2.     Insurance -
Moved by Michael Lutes/ 2nd by Steven Stewart/ motion carried
That the executive of the RNBRA Fullbore section contact the RNBRA to reinstate the insurance coverage that covered fullbore shooters in RNBRA sanctioned shooting activities. A policy number and contact person is to be provided. This is to be organised by the end of January 2013. However, if unsuccessful other arrangements are to be made.
This is to ensure appropriate insurance coverage for our shooting activities. It was also stated that membership cards should clearly state insurance coverage with a policy number and contact person.

3.     Mandatory membership to DCRA -
Moved by Daniel Chisholm/ 2nd Michael Lutes/ motion defeated
That membership to the DCRA at any level (full member, associate member, limited associate member), be mandatory for all members of the RNBRA Fullbore Section.
It was argued that the DCRA is the only national organization that sponsors long range shooting in Canada and that organizes and supports long range teams that represent Canada. It should therefore be supported by provincial organizations. Others felt that this would present an additional financial burden for many shooters and still others feel that the DCRA has not been of assistance to most shooters' concerns in the past.

4.     Electronic Targets -
Moved by Don Coleman/ 2nd Steve Stewart/ motion carried
That the RNBRA Fullbore section commit itself to trying electronic targets until the end of June 2013 at which time a re-evaluation of function and feasibility will be made. The executive will decide whether rental/leasing or purchase is most cost-effective.
Daniel Chisholm is the developer of the electronic target markers and presented on behalf of his system. He was available for questions and did not vote in this issue. Electronic target markers are a cost effective and relatively hastle free alternative. Training is needed for operators and the system needs to demonstrate it's accuracy. It is the only reasonable option for ranges such as Springfield which would not otherwise be able to shoot long distances. Those who have had experience with the system have been very favourably impressed with it - some have bought it.

5.     Match Fees, Budgets, Awards -
Moved by Bert deVink/ 2nd Micheal Lutes/ motion carried
That the issue of budgets for individual matches be sent to the executive so that matches and events are self funding and do not operate at a loss.
Medals and target markers are the two largest expenditures for individual matches. Medals are about $12 each while on average each target marker costs $60 per day. The executive will look into whether it is necessary to provide a medal for each class and each aggregate for every match. Match budgets should be such that a small surplus is realised.

6.     Nominations and Election of Officers - 2013
Chairperson - Daniel Chisholm - elected
Vice-chair - Bert deVink - elected
Secretary - Don Coleman - elected
Treasurer - Conrad Leroux - appointed
Liason to RNBRA - Michael Lutes (Dan Chisholm to advise Bob Kierstead - RNBRA)
Liason to DCRA - Dan Chisholm

7.     Batouche - DRSOs
Paul McIlveen and Brian Doherty advised the group that when ranges are booked at Gagetown, the calibers that are going to be used, as far as can be determined ahead of time, must be forwarded to Range Control. This is so that the range safety template can be respected or enhanced ( eg., by also booking the Vimy range). Daniel, who books most of the matches will advise the base of our calibers.

8.     First Aid Courses -
Moved by Conrad Leroux/ 2nd Steven Stewart/ motion carried
That the RNBRA Fullbore Section encourage as many members as possible to take first aid training and continue the policy of refunding 1/2 of the fees incurred.
It is necessary and required on Base Gagetown to have at least one trained first-aid officer present for any shooting event or match. The training is typically a 3 day course through the Red Cross or Saint John Ambulance.

9.     Trophy Book/Blazer Crests
Ron Surette raised the issue of the trophy book and blazer crests that seem to have gotten lost after they were forwarded to David Slipp. The members were advised that new trophy books are soon to be available from Murray Watts and may be ordered through Don Coleman. The Blazer crests will need to be made anew. John Holleran has a source who can possibly make them and the RNBRA as well as the DCRA may have access to other sources. The executive will look into having them made for sale to the members.

10.    Membership List -
Moved by Daniel Chisholm/ 2nd Bert deVink/ motion carried
That the RNBRA Fullbore section chairperson request from the Board of the RNBRA a periodically updated list of paid-up members of the RNBRA who shoot fullbore.
We need to know who is a member of the RNBRA in order to run our matches. We also need this in order to request payment for membership from those that come to shooting events and matches. Match directors were also reminded to submit match reports and funds to the treasurer in a timely manner.

11.    Preregistration for the RNBRA Fullbore Section APM -
Moved by Michael Lutes/ 2nd Bert deVink/ motion carried
That preregistration be required for the RNBRA Fullbore APM and that 1/2 of the APM fee be payable by June 23, 2013. The other half is payable at the APM.
The members were informed that preregistration is required for the Atlantic Championships and the Nova Scotia APM this year.  This is to make planning much more rational and to prevent losses when shooters choose not to come due to poor weather etc. A large event such as the APM needs to be planned with some idea of the number of participants.

12.   2013 Shooting and Match Schedule -  
The Annual Meeting was adjourned and all members present formed the 2013 RNBRA Fullbore Match Scheduling Committee click here for 2013 Shooting Schedule.

These minutes are also available  on Google Documents by clicking on this link

Respectfully submitted,
Bert deVink 

(contact if there are any errors)

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