Sunday, December 30, 2012


Please note that there are some revisions and additions to the blog site.These have to do with the links and services which are available and are all listed on the right hand side of the page.

New  At the very top at the right is a new link to the Benchrest shooting site
Then, next is the link to the weather service.
Below that is the option to translate the page from English to any other language.
Third from the top is the option to have each new post arrive in your e-mail inbox automatically. 
Next is the option to search the blog-site (as well as the links).

New  Below that is a revised section "New Brunswick / Maritime Useful Things". These links pertain only to New Brunswick and Maritime shooting.
New  Everything concerning the other Provinces, to National and International sites has been placed in the section called "Other Useful Links".

New  Next is a section called "Articles and Shooting Information", which gives every shooter in New Brunswick the opportunity to publish articles they have written themselves or to publish and recommend articles by other authors and that are available on the web. Everyone has lots of experience, has done reading or talking with others and has lots of useful stuff stored between their ears, if not on their computers or paper files. If you are so inclined, you could share some of this with others. You don't have to be Shakespeare (Shakespeare wasn't a long range shooter, was he?) but it should be understandable, and obviously we would like it to relate to Long Range/Fullbore shooting. The best way to do this is to write an article on Google Docs and then to link to it from the RNBRA Blog-site. I have started the ball rolling with a little article on shooting in the wind which is a summary of my reading/learning so far. We invite you to write and publish something of interest to yourself and other shooters and we can help you to post it.

New Order  The sections after that, list the Archive of Posts , Members of the blog-site, and the Contributors to the blog. We urge you to sign up as a member - you can also join anonymously if you prefer.

By the way, you may not have noticed it, but at the end of every post is a "Comment" section. (When it says "No Comment" this means there aren't any yet). This allows you to comment on the post and get a conversation going where people can reply to you, express their opinions, have a verbal set-to (we will clean it up if need be) or make suggestions etc. This is the place to get "interactive".

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