Monday, September 15, 2014


Several shooters and coaches attended this coaching training day in Saint Antoine. Looks like the sun was out and the wind was not too bad! Thanks to Michael Lutes for sending the following:

Everyone had a great time and the weather was great with moderately switching wind and mirage during the first string. We split into two groups of 6 and 7 shooters and shot 2 strings of 2 & 20 at 600m - some kept score and some did not. I viewed it as primarily a coaching practice and some of us took the opportunity to burn those boxes of ammo with  3 rounds left in them. I coached Paul and Don back to back and I can tell you both guns and drivers shoot well, but the 155s will never compete with 200s driven well. Enough wind to move Don from one side of the bull to the other would only move Paul's shots from one side of the v to the other. Paul, Conrad, Adam and I were the only team members present. 
Daniel Chisholm coaching and Ron Surette shooting

Michael Lutes coaching and Conrad Leroux shooting

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