Friday, December 5, 2014


Report from DCRA executive committee meeting held at Connaught range 
November 29, 2014
Daniel Chisholm and I attended this meeting as DCRA executive committee members, this was the first of these early winter meetings I have attended. This is the yearly meeting where much of the operational business of the DCRA is reviewed and decisions are discussed and made. 
I will highlight a few things of general interest to our Associations, I encourage anyone with
questions about the meeting or the DCRA in general to ask Daniel or me.

#1- the DCRA is trying to attract more participation and membership from the Provincial
Associations and will be looking at its membership programs with a view to making them more
attractive to Provincial shooting associations.
#2- the DCRA has budgeted a substantial amount of money for the purpose of a professional
independent financial audit of the books.
#3- there has been some progress with the national Cadet shooting program and the PRAs are
reminded that Cadets return from the Bisley team to the provinces each year and they should be contacted by the PRAs and made aware of any provincial shooting programs available.
#4- the DCRA has 950 members
#5- the DCRA has dropped to 2 part time staff from 3 and will be looking at outsourcing
#6- the DCRA recognizes the need to develop and institute a Code of Conduct and the Rules
committee will be directed to continue its work in this area.
#7- the DCRA rules committee will continue to investigate rules that will be required for E-target use and will make recommendations.
#8- there was considerable discussion regarding F Class being able to use ICRA targets and it
was decided to allow the use of ICRA targets for the F CLASS Nationals and Regionals as this is the target that will be used for the 2017 WORLD F CLASS Championship to be hosted by the DCRA.
#9- the DCRA National E Trainer program coordinator has expressed a desire to be relieved and the DCRA is looking at its national training programs with a view to integration and coordination. Steve Hunt was mentioned as a possibility to head this up. ( we would be fortunate if Steve can commit the time)
#10- accommodation on CFB Connaught. The trailers are to be demolished and will not be
available next summer. DND does have a plan to replace them. The DCRA currently have no
idea if this will be be done in time for next summers competitions. DND tents on concrete pads
will be available, and there may be different size options.

Of course there was much more work done but these are my immediate recollections for your
Mike Lutes 

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