Wednesday, December 10, 2014


In 2013, a new award for outstanding contributions to Fullbore Shooting in New Brunswick was introduced and this was formally named the M. Ellen MacGillivray Award at the 2014 Annual General Meeting of the RNBRA - Fullbore Section.

The Award recognizes the significant impact that Ellen MacGillivray has had on the development of Fullbore Shooting in New Brunswick and nationally, and the building of the organizational structures that support it. 

Dr. MacGillivray dedicated her professional career to Entomological Research and was the first woman president of the Entomological Society of Canada. She has received many honours related to her scientific work in pest control in agriculture.

Very proud of her Scottish heritage, Dr. MacGillivray served the Fredericton Society of Saint Andrew and the New Brunswick Scottish Cultural Association for many years.

Introduced to shooting by her late husband, H. George MacGillivray, she was a hard working member of the Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association since 1970, serving in many capacities on the executive from 1975 and as president from 1991 to 1993. She was awarded the Andy Gunter Medal for her service to the RNBRA. She was also named "Life-Governor" of the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association in 1994.

1.   In 2015 and in subsequent years, there will one recipient selected from among the nominations presented to the Chairman of the Fullbore Section. Although the Award is intended to be an annual one, depending on submissions, in any one year it is not necessarily granted.
2.   The Award is not presented post-humously to worthy candidates who are deceased.
3.   Nominations for the Award may be made by any member of the Fullbore Section and must be submitted to the Chairman at least 4 weeks prior to the AGM of the Fullbore Section.
4.   The Chairperson of the Fullbore Section and one other person who is a previous recipient of the Award will form the Selection Committee and will choose that year's recipient from among the nominations submitted.
5.   The remaining nominations shall automatically remain active for the following year(s).
6.   A nominee, to be considered eligible, will embody the spirit of Ellen MacGillivray's contributions to Fullbore shooting over a long period of time and must:
                      a.  be an active member of the Fullbore Section of the RNBRA, and
                      b.  have been a fullbore and/or precision shooter and competitor during his or her   lifetime, and
                      c.  have served the Fullbore shooting community in a mentoring, coaching or shooter development capacity during his or her lifetime, and/or
                      d.  have been active in some organizational capacity on a local or provincial level,  and/or 
                      e.  demonstrate other significant contributions to Fullbore Shooting, the governance of Fullbore Shooting, the development of shooting as a sport, the development of scientific/technological advances in shooting, the development of local ranges/clubs or any other contribution of note to shooting in New Brunswick.

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