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JULY 28 and 29, 2018 - PEI - APM

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The Members of the Prince Edward Island
Rifle Association
welcome you to:
The one hundred and forty sixth Provincial Rifle Championship
July 28 & 29, 2018
Alexandra Range

TR, F/TR & Factory Sporter Classes
Registration begins at 8:00 a.m.
Shooting commences at 9:30 a.m. sharp
Day One - 9:30 a.m. start
1.   Wendy Horton Match
This match is sponsored in part by members of the association to commemorate the life and marksmanship
of the late Wendy Horton. Wendy was the Canadian Female Champion in 1985.
Range: 300 yards, 2 sighters & 10 scoring
2.  Sports Hall of Fame Member’s Match
Range: 500 yards, 2 sighters & 10 scoring
3.  George Rogers Memorial Match
The family of this well known Island marksman presents a trophy for this annual competition. Additional
sponsorship funding for prizes is provided by George Rogers Jr.
Range: 500 yards, 2 sighters & 10 scoring; 600yds, 2 sighters & 10 scoring

4.  Perley Taylor Match
The family of the late Perley Taylor presents this annual challenge trophy, along with sponsorship of the
prize list.
Range: 600 yards, 2 sighters & 10 scoring

First Day Match Fees $75
Day Two - 9:30 a.m. start
1.   Jones Memorial Match
This match is in honour of P.O. Arthur M. Jones, son of Major J.M. & Mrs. Jones.  Arthur Jones was killed in
action while on a bombing mission over Vauneka, Germany.  Major Jones has provided substantial funds
to allow this match to be run in perpetuity.
Range:  300 yards, 2 sighters & 10 scoring; 500 yards, 2 sighters & 10 scoring; 600 yards, 2 sighters & 10 scoring

2.  MacDonald Stewart Match
The Mary MacLennan Trophy, presented by the MacDonald Stewart Foundation, is in honour of the
late Mary MacLennan, the first women member of the Canadian Rifle Team in Bisley, England in 1951.
The Trophy and award is made to the Island target rifle shooter standing highest in the match.
An additional trophy, donated by the Association, will be awarded to the match winner.
Range:  500 yards, 2 sighters & 10 scoring; 600 yards, 2 sighters & 10 scoring

Second Day Match Fees $75
Entire weekend: $125

We extend our continued thanks to our sponsors and Sport PEI who have provided funds for the conduct of
these activities.

All-Comers Aggregate
Awarded to the competitor who compiles the highest aggregate score in all matches excluding the
Jones Memorial. The P.J. Landrigan Memorial Trophy is presented to the winner.

Ottawa Aggregate
Awarded to the high Islander is the over-all Grand Aggregate. The Governor General’s medals are awarded to
Island competitors based on this aggregate. Winner receives the Snyder Cup. F-Class qualifies for the
medals based on a points dropped formula and there being a valid number of Island shooters.
Grand Aggregate
The “Bullet” trophy awarded to the Target Rifle competitor standing highest in the overall two day aggregate.
All Trophies and matches are open to all-comers except the Ottawa Aggregate and the Governor General’s
medals. Prizes this year, unless otherwise stated, will be PEIPRA Medals.

Social Event – Reservations have been made at XXX for Saturday, July 28th.

The Prince Edward Island Rifle Association thanks all competitors for their attendance and cooperation in
making this a great event. Please come back again and bring a friend.

For further information contact:
Dave Hanson- or
see our website:

Conduct of P.E.I.R.A. Matches

1. All competitors, while on the range, must have a suitable bolt flag within their rifle chamber
or the bolt removed prior to taking position at the firing line.
2. Two practice shots will be permitted before the start of the first match of the first day only.
3. Convertible sighters are allowed and must be clearly declared to your scoring partner.
4. The Prize List for any Match may be amended at the discretion of the Association.
5. All trophies are open to competitors of any province with the exception of the Ottawa Aggregate,
the Mary MacLennan trophy and the Governor General’s medals.
6. Squading shall be at the discretion of the Range Officer, any changes must be approved by the Range Officer in advance.
7. Shooting will be three to a target firing shot for shot alternately.
8. Every competitor must initial their own score card.  
9. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure scores have been correctly entered on the score card, and signed legibly.
10. Disputes shall be handled first by the Range Officer and secondly by the Match Committee.
11. All equipment and conduct must conform to the current rules of the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association.
12. Competitors will view only their own electronic target page.

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