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Thank you to Laura Kaderly for sending the results, write-up and photos.

On June 22-24, the RNBRA Fullbore Section hosted the  
8th Annual Eastern Canada F-Class Championship. This DCRA-sanctioned event brought 25 competitors from New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec and PEI to Batouche
Range at 5 CDSB Gagetown to shoot either F/TR or F-Open at 800m and 900m. The competitors ranged from experienced to new and with prizes for top shooters and many door prizes, there was something for everyone.
On Thursday the Match Committee and a couple other volunteers (thanks Tony Pham and Gord Ogg!) arrived early on the base to setup targets, clean the RNBRA trailer and get everything prepped for the 3-day match.

Friday morning competitors arrived early, anxious to register, weigh their rifles and begin shooting. After a morning practice session, where shooters could zero their rifle and get introduced to ShotMarker electronic targets, competitors shot one match at 800m and one match at 900m. The sun stayed hot in the clear blue sky and the mirage was tricky. That evening, most people met at McGinnis Landing for a casual dinner together.
On Saturday three individual matches were shot, one at 800m and two at 900m. The weather was warm and partially cloudy, but windy all day. By the afternoon the wind picked up significantly, making for some extremely difficult shooting conditions. The competitors dropped an average of 8 points between the morning and afternoon matches; the top score in the afternoon was 68-3V (FO) and 64-2V (FTR).

After a short break, the first team match was held. The two F-Open teams each had a mix of experienced wind coaches and new shooters, which was great for the new shooters to get introduced to team shooting. The three F/TR teams were fiercely competitive and fairly evenly matched. After the first day, the team scores were very close

Competitors started early on Sunday; after a pause to check the targets, shooting began at 900m. Luckily the rain held off and the cloud cover made for easier conditions than the previous day. Two individual matches were shot, with the second one being the Finals (squadded according to Saturday’s results). After lunch the Team Finals were shot. In F-Open the Mixed Provinces made a strong showing, beating the Rookies by two points. In F/TR, Acadie held the top spot, but second and third place were
determined by only one V. After some group photos, awards were presented and door prizes donated by our 11 sponsors were drawn.

The top teams received RNBRA First Place medals. Top individual shooters received bronze, silver or gold DCRA medals and gift certificates to the DCRA nationals. First place in each class also received a $100 cash prize donated by the RNBRA.

Top Individual Shooters - F-Open Class:
1. Gordon Ogg (ON): 519-36V2.
2. Guillaume Boucher (QC): 506-26V
3. Jim Farrell (ON): 504-27V

Top Individual Shooters - F/TR Class:

1. Adam MacDonald (NB): 511-39V
2. William McDonald (ON): 493-22V
3. Matt Wolf (NB): 491-17V

Team Results - F-Open Class:
First Place - Mixed Provinces: 515-28V (Denis Dumont, Guillaume Boucher, Steve McLaughlin, Bruce Condie)
Second Place - The Rookies: 513-16V (Denny Guinn, Tanner Anderson, Roly Trainor, Jim Farrell)

Team Results - F/TR Class:
First Place - Acadie: 543-28V (Gord Holloway, Francis Bezeau, Adam MacDonald, Harrison Brown)
Second Place - Team Ontario: 526-27V (Bill McDonald, Matt Wolff, Marcel Timmons, Mark Iwanochko, Trevor McMacken as coach/captain)
Third Place - Wu-Doos: 526-26V (Ken Kyle, Jian Wu, Paul Bastarache, Mark Cormier as captain, Daniel Chisholm as coach)
Special thanks to the members of the Organizing Committee: Gordon Holloway, Ken Kyle and Adam MacDonald. Also thanks to Mark McMullin (Assistant Range Officer), Jesse MacArthur (ShotMarker Technician) and Dollard LeBlanc (Chief Range Officer) for their assistance to the shooters and helping everyone stay on schedule. A special thanks to Daniel Chisholm, Kathy Corcoran and Scott Bisset for their advice, expertise and assistance organizing this competition. Also thank you very much to the 5 CDSB Gagetown staff who graciously support the RNBRA Fullbore Section by allowing us to use their range. (and our deep thanks to Laura Kaderly for taking this event onto her shoulders as Match Director -ed.)
Thanks to Shoppers Drug Mart Elmwood Drive (Moncton) for donating all the water for this event - every last competitor and spectator greatly appreciated it! A total of 19 door prizes were drawn for, including a $500 gift certificate to Hirsch Precision (congrats to Gord Holloway!) Thanks to the following companies for donating prizes:
  • Bulls Eye London (London, BC)
  • Cibles Canada Targets (Gatineau, QC)
  • Hirsch Precision (Lake Echo, NS)
  • Iron Sights Training Centre (Hanwell, NB)
  • JC Custom Barrels (Bouctouche Bay, NB)
  • Mystic Precision (Summerland, BC)
  • Range Sports Limited (Kamloops, BC)
  • SEB Rests (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)
  • The Gun Dealer (McAdam, NB)
  • Two-Box Chrono (Hanwell, NB)
Keep an eye on our website (www.easternfclass.ca) for information on the 2019 Easterns and check out our Facebook page for more photos (www.facebook.com/easternfclass).
Laura Kaderly – Match Director

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